Saw this ad with some graffiti on it in my neighborhood this week and had to snap a pic. It says “Every Body Happy” and someone wrote “All bodies are good bodies” and I couldn’t agree more! Even if we aren’t the smallest size we’ve ever been it’s still possible to love our body and be grateful for how strong it is. 

Here’s to the women getting back to the gym after having their first, second or third baby. Here’s to the men drinking their protein shakes and staying away from the BBQ wings during the football game. Here’s to the single folks prepping their food on the weekend for the week ahead. Here’s to the families getting outside together for exercise instead of watching TV. Here’s to all my clients and friends who make decisions everyday to move the needle towards healthy, happy acceptance and love for the only body you’ll ever have. All bodies are good bodies! #dailyreminder #loveyourself

10. Musak is alive and well in Mexico. Especially Beatles and Abba Musak. Heard Dancing Queen at least 2x a day.

9. Nutella crepes are amazing and should be consumed as often as possible.

8. No matter how much sunscreen I apply I will resemble a sun dried tomato after 4 days.

7. Apparently drinking beer is acceptable for breakfast. (Not my style, just sayin’)

6. There is always a salad bar. Take advantage. (See earlier post number 9)

5. Sometimes kids poop in pools. (Not my kid! Thank The Lord)

4. Don’t brag about your kid not pooping in the pool- it could be you next time.

3. You can stay away from coffee and soda with the ubiquitous “club soda”.

2. Nachos go with everything. But the Doritos taste different.

1. Tequila is not smooth and does make you drunk after 2 shots.


Shameless plug!

November 21, 2012

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Whew. That’s done with. Happy thanksgiving!

Here’s a picture of Bamba for your troubles!


Just putting it out there

September 16, 2012

Just want to tell you that I am going to yoga tomorrow – no matter what. I haven’t been in about 6 weeks and it will be a tough first class. But I’m going. I’m making the time and the commitment.

I figured, if I put this out to the universe I will feel more accountable to go rather than come up with an excuse not to. Please send good vibes my way!

Tomorrow is Monday and the start of a Jewish new year. Take the opportunity to seize the day. Just choose one thing to master and do it. Tomorrow I am mastering of the art of getting to yoga. Getting there is half the battle.

By the 2nd pose of class I’ll be feeling great and planning the next time I can get there. Which will hopefully be Tuesday.

Moving forward…

3 Cookie Rule

September 12, 2012

Last night and tonight I implemented the 3 cookie rule. You can have 3 cookies and one short glass of 1% milk and that’s it. We all know I could eat an entire sleeve so this is truly an exercise in restraint. 3 cookies is better than no cookies though.

I love the bit Jerry Seinfeld does calling cookies “Chocolate Sons-a-bitches”. He describes a late night encounter with the cookies where you end up losing the battle with chocolate on your face. It makes me recall a similar incident I had last year with Ritz Crackers and Nutella. No cracker was left behind.

So being back on track can mean a lot of things. For me today it meant my overnight oats for breakfast (big success) and only eating half my lunch and brown bagging the rest for tomorrow. It also meant taking one bite of a dessert and then deciding it wasn’t good enough to tempt me and chucking it out. It meant a pre (late) dinner snack of whole wheat bread with light peanut butter.

It wasn’t a perfect day and hell – I didn’t even count points. It’s a start though. And every journey beings with one step – or 3 cookies. Right?

15 weeks till Christmas y’all!