October 9, 2016

Doesn’t it feel like graduating when you complete something you have been working very hard on? Graduating also means that now it’s time to move on and create something new.

On Oct. 26 I am graduating from white belt at Kickboxing and I am really excited. It affirms all of my hard work and commitment to bettering myself. Practicing both Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing has really been instrumental for me on the challenge and what I am most happy about is that I am still very much committed to my growth as a practitioner.

I was afraid I might give up on myself and start going less and less but I really am enjoying my practice. Over the years it’s been  challenge for me to keep up with exercising because it seemed like more of a chore to me than anything else. What I really wanted was the results but wasn’t willing to put in the work. It’s been like this for most of my life where I wanted to do things but when I realized the work that was involved I would quit.

Yesterday Marie and I went to another one of Jeff Combs’s events in Long Island and he was talking about paying the dues in order to be successful. In order to be successful we have to put the work in and know that the process is just as important, if not more, than the result. We can have a result in mind but until we are actually in the process we don’t know that journey will lead us.

In the couple of weeks since the completion of the challenge I have been catching the old thought creeping in. you know, the ones of my ego telling me that I won’t be able to sustain all of the things that I accomplished because I am not meant to hold on to the good because the good is never meant to last.

This graduation is proof that I am moving in the right direction and that I am meant to do bigger things. I must keep paying my dues and I will get to where I want to go.

In a way I have graduated to a new level of being and so the fact that these are happening simultaneously is no coincidence.


Week 12: The Final Stretch

August 28, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

3 months down, one month to go. The past three months were a bit of a whirlwind, what with introducing all of these new habits, creating a workout routine and posting two blogs a week consistently to reaching my upper limits and letting my mind temporarily derail me from my goals. Overall I am very proud of ow far I’ve come.

I still have a book and a half to read and a bunch of workouts and cleanse to catch up on and now it’s time to hunker down and push through the resistance and upper limits. It’s much more pleasant to think back on how good it felt to accomplish the things I’ve accomplished so far than to focus on the things that I haven’t quite given a 100% on. Although, it is importantly to recognize those and learn from it. Another thing that I have to remind myself is that it’s all good because I am growing from all of it. I am on the court and I’m playing.

I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks and breaking through the barriers that I set up for myself when I thought I wasn’t good enough. How fucking stupid was I! Of course I am good enough! In fact I am pretty awesome if I say so myself and it is so powerful to be able to finally acknowledge myself for that. I am so proud of the progress I made and am so excited to crush it in the next month.


Week 12:

Weight: 154.4(-0.8 since last week, -2.3 since start)

Cleanse days: 0

Workouts: 3(2 Jiu Jitsu, 1 personal workout)

Book I am reading: The Big Leap By Gay Hendricks

What I would like to be acknowledged for this week:

I would like to acknowledge myself allowing myself to be in a funk this week and snapping out of it as well. Being in a funk is a way for our souls to tell us that it’s time to rest a little bit and recharge but also to allow us to recognize that it is an upper limit and that means that good things are ahead.

Weekly Recap February 20

February 21, 2012

Total points eaten out of possible 210: 140 (n/a)

Total Weekly Points Allowance eaten out of 49: 20 (n/a)

Days tracked: 4

Total Activity points earned: 6

Meals eaten out: 5

Favorite thing I ate this week: Fried Chicken from Buttermilk Channel

Favorite thing I cooked this week: Asian Turkey Meatballs from Skinnytaste

Least favorite thing I ate this week: Chicken Gyro from diner, so over cooked!

Triumph over food: Not ordering an appetizer at Buttermilk Channel, just some cocktail nuts to nibble on.  Wanted to save myself for the fried chicken and I’m glad I did, it was better than I remember.

Weekly Recap February 13

February 13, 2012

Total points eaten out of possible 210: 201

Total Weekly Points Allowance eaten out of 49: 48

Days tracked: 7

Total Activity points earned: 12

Meals eaten out: 2

Favorite thing I ate this week: Tie between Asian glazed chicken drumsticks (Skinnytaste recipe I made) and a Salted Caramel cupcake from Sprinkles.

Least favorite thing I ate this week: DiGiorno pizza and Wyngz (yes Wyngz not wings)

Triumph over food:  This is more of a triumph over “tracking” – after not tracking all day Saturday and Sunday and feeling like I’d totally gone off the rails I decided to track it all to find out the damage.  I went through and added it all up for the past two days (had to guesstimate some of it) but put it all on paper nonetheless.  Turns out, I still had WPA points left and my activity points were untouched so it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought.  Always try and track, even if it’s a disaster.  Tracking is an accountability only to yourself – so take it seriously and have integrity when taking care of you – you’re worth it!  Whether you track it or not, you’re body will when you get on the scale!

Sunday just so happens to be the last day of my Weight Watcher week.  I’m so proud to report that I went to the gym 2x this weekend, and earned a total of 13 activity points for the week!  This got me thinking, “What if I write a weekly blog post recapping my week – the good, the bad, and the ugly?”  Here it goes.

Total points eaten: 219

Total WPA eaten: 35 (the max)

Total Activity points earned: 13

Meals eaten out: 7

Favorite thing I ate this week: Mushroom Risotto from Cafe Mei Mei

Least favorite thing I ate this week: Spicy Tuna Roll from Tenzan, yuck!  I even sent it back to the kitchen!

Triumph over food: Going out to eat at Outback Steakhouse.  I spent 15 minutes on the website beforehand figuring out what would be the smartest menu for me.  I landed on a 6oz Outback Special steak (no butter preparation), Classic Blue Cheese Wedge Salad (a little indulgence), Fresh Seasonal Veggies (no butter), for a total of 15 points.  The “shame on you” award goes to Outback for not even listing the 6oz Outback Special on the menu!  I asked specifically for it, and it was served to me, so why isn’t in on the menu?  We don’t want people to have a lower fat (and price) option?  …tsk tsk tsk Outback, shame on you!

I weigh-in this evening, but I don’t want to make the weekly recap about “how much I lost/gained this week”, because that’s not really the point.

Having said that, I better be down this week! 🙂

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