On December 20th,  I concluded my Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge.  30 classes in 30 days.

Hours of yoga: 45

Ounces of water consumed: 720

Activity points earned on Weight Watchers: 180

Number of Oreos you can eat with 180 activity points: 125

Towels rented: 37

Loads of Laundry: 10

Parking tickets received: 1

Times I got to the studio and was locked out of class: 1

Times I got to the studio out of breath from running to avoid being locked out of class: 3

Number of times I cried during class: 1

Number of times I wanted to leave the room: 4

Number of times I had to clarify my name is “Marie” not “Murray”: 3

New yoga outfits bought: 2

Number of pounds lost: 0

Cases of ringworm contracted: 1

Ear infections contracted: 1

Number of times I left class feeling amazing: 30


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