Saw this ad with some graffiti on it in my neighborhood this week and had to snap a pic. It says “Every Body Happy” and someone wrote “All bodies are good bodies” and I couldn’t agree more! Even if we aren’t the smallest size we’ve ever been it’s still possible to love our body and be grateful for how strong it is. 

Here’s to the women getting back to the gym after having their first, second or third baby. Here’s to the men drinking their protein shakes and staying away from the BBQ wings during the football game. Here’s to the single folks prepping their food on the weekend for the week ahead. Here’s to the families getting outside together for exercise instead of watching TV. Here’s to all my clients and friends who make decisions everyday to move the needle towards healthy, happy acceptance and love for the only body you’ll ever have. All bodies are good bodies! #dailyreminder #loveyourself

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Last night I graduated to a white-blue belt in my Kickboxing practice. As part of the graduation process I was required to write an essay and do one hour of community service.
In the essay I was asked to write about what I have gained since beginning my practice and if I have noticed a change in myself. What came out were honest words of gratitude and acceptance. 

I am grateful because this practice has allowed me to join a community that embraces everyone with no judgement, a community that supports one another and not expects something in return and a community that reminds you that it’s not about the result, but about the process. 

The professor said something that even though I’ve heard it before, it resonated with me in that moment. He said that the week after earning the belt is very important. It is important because that is when people take their foot of the gas and decide that it’s time for a break and that’s why one should push even more. 

The work doesn’t stop just because you went up a belt (insert whatever accomplishment that suits your situation) if anything it becomes more intense and every level becomes more meaningful because it means that you are taking one step closer to where you want to be. Even after you are a black belt, the work always continues because we never stop learning.

Another thing I wrote about in my essay is how much this school is in alignment with who I am and who I am striving to become. I want to surround myself with people who share the same values as I do and are committed to creating a culture of empowerment and positivity. Building people up is so much more fun than tearing them down.

I am grateful every time I get on that mat and am looking forward to the journey ahead.

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Here we are, the final post of the “Light Yourself On Fire” challenge and the emotions are bittersweet. On the one hand, I am sad that it’s come to an end because I have put so much into it. On the other hand, I am happy because I know that my journey doesn’t end here.

I have been reflecting on this 16 week journey for the past couple of days and I cannot believe how much was accomplished during the time. I have created a healthy routine, I have held myself accountable to you and I have let go of things that have not been serving me and I was not open enough to acknowledge.

The most important one and the one that was affecting me the most was the overwhelming sense of guilt I’ve been living in for over a decade now. I have not allowed myself to be who I really was because I was feeling guilty about leaving my home in Israel and creating a new home here in the US. Guilt has almost broken up my marriage because I  refused to see that my actions were not serving the best interest of my family, meaning my wife and children, even though they are the world to me and I cannot imagine my life without them in it.

Owning up to me guilt has been instrumental in my transformation because it go me to reconnect with ME again and my soul so desperately needed that. It has deepened my connection with my wife because now I can truly express myself without any judgement and guilt. I am able to be present with my children and enjoy the moments we get to spend together. For the longest time I was so unhappy with who I have become and I felt that there was no hope.

Working on myself and understanding the events that have shaped my life have allowed me to be open to experience new things. Peta Kelly’s “The New Way Live” event in May is what inspired the “Light Yourself On Fire” challenge because it spoke about being the first one to do something so you can inspire others to do the same. The theme was about finding your jeaniius, the one thing that you can do so well that it is your moral obligation to share it with the world. I know now that I was put on this earth to change lives, to encourage people to find their own jeaniius and make a difference in this world. I gave myself the permission to operate from the space of love because I know n my bones that it emirates from me so brightly and that people deserve to know that they are loved and that they have permission to love, themselves and others. I call meek The Love Warrior because  love is the one thing worth fighting for.

I express gratitude every day and am thankful that I am where I am and that I am doing what aligns with my soul and that I am practicing to approach every thing I do with love.

I would like to thank you all for being a part of this journey and for holding me accountable to be the most honest, real me that I can be and for being my sounding board for my breakdowns and breakthroughs. This might mark the end of this challenge but it is most certainly not the end of this journey, it is merely the beginning. Life is lived in the present moment so it can never truly be the end.


Weight: 151.0( -5.5 since last week, -5.6 since start)

Cleanse days: 16 total for the challenge

Workouts: 42 ( 6 short of goal)

Books I have read:

  1. Love Louder by Preston Smiles
  2. The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield
  3. The Big Leap By Gay Hendricks
  4. 50 Ways To Yay by Alexi Panos

What I would like to be acknowledged for this challenge:

I would like to be acknowledged for finally loving myself enough so I could find the Ran that has been absent all these years. The Ran that dimmed his light so much that he was depriving the world of his true gift and his true sense of purpose. I would like to be acknowledged for focusing on the process and not the result.

I am a stand for all of you to find or re-discover what it is that ignites your soul and a stand for love and the notion that we all make an impact in other people’s lives. How are you going to light yourself on fire?

15 weeks down…

September 18, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

Honestly I can’t belIeve that there’s only one week left to this challenge. I woke up this morning by my partner in crime telling me that she was gonna take kids to Long Island to have breakfast with her mother so I could sleep in and the old Ran would have taken that offer with two hands… but I didn’t. I told Marie that I wanted to go with them because I’d rather spend that time with my family than sleep and I was setting my intention for a day of gratitude.

If there is one thing I have learned from this challenge and I can’t stress it enough is that we must make it a priority to express gratitude for all that we have in our lives and embrace where we are at and who we are being at any given moment.

I know you have heard this from me before but if there is anything I wish for you to take away from all that I have written in the past 15 weeks is that we have so much to be grateful for and that by living life through gratitude we enhance every experience we have.

Since I started practicing gratitude my marriage got stronger, I  connecting on a deeper level with people and my stress level has decreased tremendously. You see, I was focusing on all the negativity in my life and acted as if life was happening to And I was merely a bystander with no power and no choice and that is no way to live life.

Today was about family for me. I started my day by spending time with my mother in-law and sister in-law and ended my day by spending time with my father in-law and step mother in-law. I don’t take these moments for granted as not every person has that so I am fully aware of how immensely fortunate I am.

So so much gratitude and love y’all!


Weight:156.6( +2.8 since last week, -.1 since start)

Cleanse days:1

Workouts: 3( 2 kickboxing, 1 Jiu Jitsu)

Book I am reading: 50 Ways To Yay by Alexi Panos

What I would like to be acknowledged for this week?

Letting go of stress. It will no longer dominate my being.

Human AF

September 14, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner


The conversation I’ve been having with myself all week is that I kept telling m,myself that I will get organized and I have yet to do one thing about it. On a call with my coach last week I said that once my new planner comes I will sit down and I will organize my shit once and for all.

Guess what? The planner came today and I have done jack! the most disturbing part is that I felt guilty about not doing anything but made excuses as to why I didn’t. I know that I am not alone in this, that is what’s called being human as fuck and being human fucking rocks!

It’s awesome when I come to these realizations because it means that at least I am aware of the stuff that’s holding me back and now is the time to break the old habits and patterns and push on through. The first step to reaching that next level is awareness and it’s also very important that we recognize our successes. Success is also about being human because we have all experienced success of some sort at some point in our lives and it deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.

During the past 15 weeks I have been writing this blog twice a week, started practicing martial arts, said yes to things I would never say yes to before and lived my life with an abundance of gratitude and love. I don’t take these things for granted because those are things that wouldn’t have happened anyway unless I made a choice to pursue them and my life has change exponentially for the better.

There are only a week and a half left for this challenge and whatever I achieve by the end of it is the cherry on top because I created it, all of it! It has allowed me to fall back in love with myself and experience what it was like to be fully self expressed again. I fell in love with the process instead of focusing on the result.

I invite you to examine where you can push yourself to the next level and also to examine your success. Understand that nothing is good or bad, nothing is right or wrong and everything is just what’s so.

My name is Ran Isner and I am HUMAN AS FUCK!

Week 13: Vibin’

September 4, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

I am beginning to realize how important is doing stuff you vibe with. I like the idea of vibration and how it affects your spirit. 

Going to Jiu Jitsu is something I definitely vibe with. I told Marie the other day that I like that it’s not  a “Cobra Kai” type environment( where are my Karate Kid peeps?) but that there is a theme for the training week and that there’s this community that supports each and every person in it.

I love being surrounded by individuals that genuinely want me to do well and also hold me accountable. I try as much as possible not to be around negative people because they lower my vibration and let me tell you, it makes a difference.

My brother just signed up to practice Jiu Jitsu at the same Dojo I go to and I am so happy extremely happy for him. He told me the other day that he couldn’t wait to come to class. I can tell it’s Vibin’ with his spirit. I think that people need a little nudge every once in a while to pursue the things they vibe with and I feel that people are very apprehensive about choosing to do things their spirit vibes with because they think somehow it is impractical. Nothing could be more impractical than denying your soul the freedom to search and find what it is it vibes with.

What I’ve found in the short time I’ve been doing this is that it’s absolutely VITAL for us to do the things we vibe with because it simply enhances the experience of living. The way we are in the world completely shifts and this unfamiliar yet exhilarating feeling sets in.

Love and gratitude have become so much more present in my life and those are two things that have become non negotiable in my life.

I’m Vibin’ and it’s a beautiful thing.

Week 13 results:

Weight: 156.2(+2.2 since last week, -.5 since start).

Cleanse days: 0

Workouts: 4( 1 kickboxing, 2 Jiu Jitsu, 1 personal).

Book I am reading: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.

What I would like to be acknowledged for this week:

Being present and in the moment. Addressing things as they come and not waiting for the last minute.

Attitude Of Gratitude

July 13, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. 11 years ago yesterday( and I believe that it was a Tuesday as well) was the first time me and Marie met and four years later we became husband and wife. I knew I liked her but didn’t have the balls to ask for her number or ask her out because I thought I didn’t deserve her  and I was ready to let that opportunity slip away, an opportunity that would forever change my life. Luckily, Marie thought that this might be worth a shot, got my phone number and made up a fake party for me to show up to. I have been grateful to her ever since.

Being married is not easy, granted we did live together before we got married so it felt like we were married-ish but being married is forever, at least for me. Two people living together, two different personalities and two different ways of looking at things are now meant to spend the rest of their lives together and you think there isn’t going to be conflict? yeah… no. Believe me it could get ugly and you know why? because when you are that close to someone and things that you thought were acceptable back then are being questioned all of a sudden, your first instinct is to get defensive and argumentative. All of a sudden you find yourself resenting your spouse and the tension is tangible.

You know what’s the worst thing your spouse can do to you? they can show you how great you can really be but your self doubt is so strong that you get angry at them for even suggesting that and in turn you get angry at them. That was at least my case. I didn’t want to hear it! I thought that I was good the way I was and that trying to be great will only set me up to fail and what’s the point. When Marie suggested therapy I completely dismissed it. I dismissed it for years but we hit a point in our relationship where if I didn’t work my shit out, things were not going to go well. I hit a version of rock bottom and it was time to get to work on myself. Marie was encouraging me to attend The Landmark Forum and I resisted for 8 or 9 years. I knew nothing about it but thought that I was going to get brainwashed and was not going to take any part of it. Again, I had nothing to base this off of and Marie had done it and clearly she wasn’t brainwashed. I was at another one of my low points and even after I committed to doing it, I was trying to find ways to talk myself out of it. They say that one’s forum starts when they register and I completely got that. My journey didn’t get off to a god start. I procrastinated and waieted too long to register so the dates I was looking at were already sold out and as it turns out it fell on Father’s Day weekend and I made that my excuse, “Oh it’s Daphne’s 1st Father’s Day, I can’t possibly do it then”. See what I did there? I made an excuse not to go. Anyway, I called the center and I plead my case as to why they should let me attend the Forum that weekend. They did their magic and I got in. I felt so good after that and I thought to myself “why can’t I feel this way all the time?”

Starting a network marketing business is what really put me in the space where I was really open to growing. Owning your own networking marketing business requires you to grow personally if you want to attract the people that will help you grow your business and that you would be willing to help them grow theirs. I am so grateful for that opportunity. I am grateful because it really made my marriage better

The reason I just gave you the reader’s digest version of this journey is because Marie was the one who planted the seed and was always a stand for me being the best version of myself. She kept showing me the way to my greatness and even though I was frustrating as all hell and there were many breakdowns along the way, we are now in a place where we can communicate in a much more constructive manner and I have grown so much because of it.

I have learned that gratitude is such a major component to happiness and to living a life I love that I make it a point to be grateful for everything, the negative and the positive because being open to it and grateful for it helps me grow as a person and makes my life better.

What I am grateful for the most is Marie, she is my #1 fan and always sees the best in me even when I don’t see it in my self.

I have adopted an attitude of gratitude and since then I have seen a tremendous shift in my life.

There is so much in life to be grateful for, so show your gratitude to the people in your lives and tell them you love them because they made your lives that much better

I Get To Choose

June 8, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

Life is all about choices. The choices we make tend to affect the direction our life goes, hell it affects literally the very next moment. Our reactions to events that occur to us and the way people occur for us are a direct result of our choices. This subject fascinates me, it really does, I mean why do we make the choices we do?

To be more specific, I am fascinated with choosing to be negative vs. choosing to be positive. I heard one of the presenters at the event last weekend say that we are conditioned to observe and notice everything that might be wrong because that’s how cavemen protected themselves from their predators. We are conditioned to be in a state of “fight or flight” because those were the only two options. That makes complete sense, doesn’t it? Can we agree that most of us choose to be safe rather than take risks? We will allow negative emotions dictate our choices. People choose being negative over being positive. Most people will choose to complain over being grateful a large percentage of times. People will tend to look at what they don’t have and complain about it rather than take stock of all the things they have accomplished and are grateful for. We spend so much of our energy and focus on everything that’s going wrong but we never stop to think that maybe we choose for it to be that way. Being negative is a choice and looking at life through that lens is a choice so the question is “How has that worked for you so far?”

A lot of the choices I’ve made in my life came from a negative place. They came from a place of guilt and unworthiness. I was afraid of what people would think and deprive myself of joy because I would feel guilty that I am placing myself over the people I love and the really screwed up thing is that I would then resent those people for depriving me of that when they had nothing to do with it, it was all me. That resentment lead to anger and for a long time I was really angry and I refused to admit it. What I came to realize was that I was ashamed of being so angry because deep down I knew that I chose to be angry and the reason is that I didn’t have to take responsibility and I didn’t hold myself accountable.

The bottom line is that it never worked for me. I held on to the guilt and the unworthiness because it allowed me to be a victim and when you’re a victim it’s easier to cope with things and for me being a victim meant that I could blame the whole world and not have to look inwards and be accountable.

I am trying something new. I choose to be positive, I choose to hold myself accountable and I choose to be grateful for all the good  in my life and there is so much good. I have an out of this world wife who has been encouraging me to see the greatness in myself every day. I have two beautiful children who teach me what love is every moment I spend with them. I am learning to accept what’s so, not good, not bad, just so. I am part of a Facebook gratitude group where I write 3 things I am grateful for at that given moment and I actually take the time to “smell the roses”.

I now know that I get to choose how my life goes and choosing things that nourish my soul and choosing to be grateful feels way better than choosing to feel guilty and unworthy. By no way have I mastered this practice but now I have the gift of observation where I notice that I get angry or frustrated or choose to feel guilty or unworthy and at that moment I can transform it.

I am grateful to have this platform where I can share and be as open as I can about my journey and I am grateful for you for being a part of this journey whether you are aware of it or not.

I love you and I will see you next week.


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My Complaints Got Worse!

August 4, 2015

My complaints got worse, and this is what I did about it.

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