My Moment of Truth

February 24, 2014

MOMENT OF TRUTH: So, I was definitely not planning on posting these AT ALL. But then I thought that my before and afters might be able to show others that losing weight can be done! And I didn’t have to starve myself or become a 7 day a week gym rat. This is healthy nutritional cleansing at it’s best! And, I mean, just look at my back! Holy cow!


Marie Before & After Cleansing

Marie Before & After Cleansing

My journey began in August 2013, I was frustrated with being at a weight loss plateau for 18 months! I’d lost all my baby weight but was unable to get the scale to move despite counting calories, eating more whole foods and working out more than ever. Then I discovered nutritional cleansing and decided I had nothing to lose but the weight! After 30 days I’d lost 13lbs, had fit into a dress from my honeymoon(!) and was walking around with more ease and confidence than I had in years. Since my husband was brave enough to let me post his before and afters a few days ago, I had to take the plunge with him.

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I hope my story inspires you to regain your health and make a change for the better. I am so incredibly happy I did. Now after doing 2 cleanses I am happy to post my after pictures (that I literally just took yesterday!). If you’re interested in what nutritional cleansing can do for you go ahead and message me!

Thank you all for the support!!

You guys, I am dreaming not just of California, but of Aruba, Florida, Hawaii and any place where long johns are not involved in dressing for the day.  It’s so cold here in NY and we have had just about enough of the constant snow fall and shoveling.  The good news is, “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” That was the theme for my latest newsletter which you can read here.  If you’re not signed up for my newsletter – now is the time!  I’m very close to giving out 3 free recipes from my new cookbook to the subscribers of the newsletter (and no one else)!  Don’t miss out.  Click here to subscribe.

Here’s a quick pictorial preview – enjoy!

Isa Bef After Mom

Mom of 3 Loses Big – Congrats, Mama


Marie’s New Healthy Headshots, Yum pasta

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It’s all Vegan, and it’s So Delicious

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