Now that the weather is warmer I crave a cold sweet treat at the end of the day. While watching my beloved QVC over the weekend, I got some new inspiration for desserts using my Vitamix blender. Tonight I experimented with what has to be the easiest recipe.

Vegan Mango “Faux-Yo”
1 cup soy milk
1 cup frozen mango
*makes 4 servings, half recipe to make 2

Add to blender, blend about 1 minute on high setting until 4 mounds form. Enjoy!

I added a tablespoon of semi-sweet chocolate chips on top for added pizzazz. (They happen to be vegan as well).

The texture is more soft (not super hard like ice cream). Perhaps adding a few ice cubes would give you a firmer result. I liked the faux-yo soft though.

I prefer this to buying sorbet or fro-yo because there is no added sugar, chemicals or preservatives. You whip it up and eat it fresh. (It doesn’t make very good leftovers, so best to eat right away). Plus, you can make a different flavor every night since frozen fruit is so convenient to keep on hand.

I can’t wait to try something else tomorrow! Happy blending!

Banana “faux yo” (in the style of Yonanas but made in the food processor) was YUMMY last night as a sweet treat.  Simply freeze a banana, then toss it in the food processor, add some chocolate chips, peanut butter, whatever you like! and simply pulse it 10 or so times until you reach a creamy consistency.  I added milk chocolate pieces of Dylan’s easter bunny and it was delicious.  Next time I’m going to try a spoonful of peanut butter. Enjoy!

Living in a small apartment (that’s already got way too much kitchen gear) I’m not really up for buying a Yonanas machine.  I got great results with a food processor but if you have room and love bananas, go for it!

This recipe from Skinnytaste features the Yonanas machine and some lovely photography!

10. Musak is alive and well in Mexico. Especially Beatles and Abba Musak. Heard Dancing Queen at least 2x a day.

9. Nutella crepes are amazing and should be consumed as often as possible.

8. No matter how much sunscreen I apply I will resemble a sun dried tomato after 4 days.

7. Apparently drinking beer is acceptable for breakfast. (Not my style, just sayin’)

6. There is always a salad bar. Take advantage. (See earlier post number 9)

5. Sometimes kids poop in pools. (Not my kid! Thank The Lord)

4. Don’t brag about your kid not pooping in the pool- it could be you next time.

3. You can stay away from coffee and soda with the ubiquitous “club soda”.

2. Nachos go with everything. But the Doritos taste different.

1. Tequila is not smooth and does make you drunk after 2 shots.