3 Cookie Rule

September 12, 2012

Last night and tonight I implemented the 3 cookie rule. You can have 3 cookies and one short glass of 1% milk and that’s it. We all know I could eat an entire sleeve so this is truly an exercise in restraint. 3 cookies is better than no cookies though.

I love the bit Jerry Seinfeld does calling cookies “Chocolate Sons-a-bitches”. He describes a late night encounter with the cookies where you end up losing the battle with chocolate on your face. It makes me recall a similar incident I had last year with Ritz Crackers and Nutella. No cracker was left behind.

So being back on track can mean a lot of things. For me today it meant my overnight oats for breakfast (big success) and only eating half my lunch and brown bagging the rest for tomorrow. It also meant taking one bite of a dessert and then deciding it wasn’t good enough to tempt me and chucking it out. It meant a pre (late) dinner snack of whole wheat bread with light peanut butter.

It wasn’t a perfect day and hell – I didn’t even count points. It’s a start though. And every journey beings with one step – or 3 cookies. Right?

15 weeks till Christmas y’all!

The Really Really

February 18, 2010

Last week, after a turn down “I don’t feel like doing Weight Watchers this week” lane, I was miraculously awarded with a 1.4lb weight loss on Monday night.  Stunned, shocked, and sporting a Cheshire grin, I celebrated by going out to dinner at Megu.  Ok, so I was already planning to go to dinner pre-weight loss, but that dinner our marked the beginning of a celebratory week, which included many cookies, dinner at the amazing BLT Steak, ramen noodles and pizza from Layla Jones.  Not exactly a great week for weight loss.  Some where along the line I decided to stop counting my points.  When am I going to learn my lesson that I can’t go out to dinner on Monday nights?  Monday nights become lost weeks. 

P.S. Dinner at Megu was very tasty and since it was the Restaurant Week menu, it was lighter than usual and I didn’t leave feeling stuffed.  Ran said he left wanting a slice of pizza, but I digress.

This Monday, I enjoyed a day off for President’s Day and failed to get into NYC for my weigh-in.  Lived in the land of Denial until Wednesday morning when I decided to track my foods from yesterday.  (How bad could it be?)  Well, it could be bad, very bad! 

HORRIBLE TRUTH DISCOVERED THIS WEEK:  Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies, 3 cookies are 4 points!  I mean, what the hell?  I think I scarfed about 6 of them down last night before dinner.  Damn.  And I didn’t even have a glass of milk for dunking!  Imagine how many I could have enjoyed with a tall glass of icy cold milk?  16?!!?!

I tracked Tuesday and found out I’d eaten roughly 35 points.  Um, I get 24 for each day, so what the hell happened?  What really happened is that I didn’t count and I ate what I wanted (to a certain extent) and I guesstimated my way thru it and was off by about 6 points.  Good show, Marie!  ( * shaking my head sarcastically *) 

I’m back on track now.  Ate a solid 25 points today.  I don’t know if I can correct the damage from earlier in the week in time for weigh-in, but I gotta try.  If I give up on me and go by the “guesstimation” rule, I’ll be right back where I started soon enough.

The really really of January – up .2lbs.  Consider it a success and move on to bigger losses and days filled with “triumphs over food”.

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