10. Musak is alive and well in Mexico. Especially Beatles and Abba Musak. Heard Dancing Queen at least 2x a day.

9. Nutella crepes are amazing and should be consumed as often as possible.

8. No matter how much sunscreen I apply I will resemble a sun dried tomato after 4 days.

7. Apparently drinking beer is acceptable for breakfast. (Not my style, just sayin’)

6. There is always a salad bar. Take advantage. (See earlier post number 9)

5. Sometimes kids poop in pools. (Not my kid! Thank The Lord)

4. Don’t brag about your kid not pooping in the pool- it could be you next time.

3. You can stay away from coffee and soda with the ubiquitous “club soda”.

2. Nachos go with everything. But the Doritos taste different.

1. Tequila is not smooth and does make you drunk after 2 shots.