I Am Ready

May 31, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

So this is my first ever blog post… like ever. This past weekend, my wife Marie and I attended this life changing event in Paradise Valley, Arizona called “The New Way Live”. Somewhere about half way through the first day we realized that we truly being transformed and that it’s going to take us some time to process everything we were receiving from this experience, so we decided to extend our stay by one more day (thank goodness for holiday weekends right?) We got unreasonable about our trip and made it happen with the help of our travel agent.


The New Jeaniius

Here we were listening to these amazing souls speak about what it is to tap into one’s genius, the one thing we know we are really good at and use that to change he world. I think that all of us at some point lose sight of what really feeds our soul and what it is that truly makes us feel that we are truly in our element because, you know… LIFE HAPPENS! Sometimes we don’t know what it is that ignites us because we never take the time to stop and listen to what our soul is telling us. We are so consumed by what our mind tells us “we have to do” that we forget to listen to our soul and ask ourselves “what is it that fulfills me?”.  I can tell you that it certainly happened to me. I let guilt and feelings of inadequacy get in the way of my greatness because it was so safe to stay in that place. I mean, what if i tried and I failed? what would that say about me? So I decided to stay in my lane and not aim for something better. Not too long ago I realized how selfish I was, I realized that I made it about me and not the people I could help if I committed to rediscovering the things that breathe life into me. Ever since Marie asked me to join her on this journey with our nutritional cleansing business I have been immersed in personal development, however I wasn’t 100% committed to doing what’s required to help grow the business (again, making it about me). How could I expect to achieve all these things if I’m not putting in the work required to make it happen. The problem was that I wasn’t ready to hold myself accountable and I was allowing all this noise keep me from going to the next level.

Back to the event. Throughout the two days, we heard the stories of the 4 finalists who were selected to present their initiatives and the winner was to receive a $10,000 grant to help accomplish their vision. We were asked to help the panel decide on who the winner was and each of us were to cast a vote. On the second day the winner was announced. While the winners were on stage accepting their big check and saying their thank you, something incredible happened. One of the panelists decided to make his own contribution and then the floodgates opened. All of a sudden, people started writing amounts on the check and the line got longer and longer. After all was said and done, we were able to quintuple the amount donated to their cause. These two young gentlemen are going to Tanzania to help children achieve their greatness by creating an educational program that focuses on their self development because at this moment, these kids are without hope for their future due to the fact that no one believes that they are capable of becoming more than they are currently expected to be.


The Winning Check

If a story like that doesn’t want you to spring into action then what does? So on the extra day Marie and I sat by the pool and decided that we are embarking on a 16 week challenge called the “Light Yourself On Fire”. This is a physical and spiritual challenge, one where we are both completely transparent about our success and our struggle. The physical aspect of it is to complete a 16 week challenge that we enter in with the nutritional cleansing company we are partnered with that tracks our physical transformation but also takes our story into consideration. It’s not just about the weight loss or the gain of the lean muscle but what it took for us to get there. The spiritual aspect of it is the chronicling of this journey. There is some accountability attached to documenting  a challenge like this and we will be posting our weekly results for full transparency.

We decided to to name this challenge “Light Yourself On Fire” because in order for us to ignite a fire in people, we have to start with ourselves.

I am so committed to this that I am stepping completely out of my comfort zone and allowing myself to embrace this journey no matter what the outcome because it’s not about the results, it’s about the journey.

I just spent a few days in Arizona at an event called “The New Way Live”.  I won tickets to the event and I didn’t really know what to expect, but I put my faith in the universe and decided to get myself there without diving into the details too much.  I knew that the event was being hosted by Peta Kelly, who describes herself as “Speaker, Leader, Earning & Giving Coach.”  I also knew that my husband was going as my plus one and he always really loved to see Peta speak and really resonated with her vibe.  What did we have to lose?

Ran and I, ready for day 2

As soon as we arrived at the resort, I had a sense of calm come over me.  I was meant to be there at this exact time.  My business and life are going really well.  Things are moving in all the right directions.  I feel really proud of all my success.  BUT (of course there’s a but), I know I could be doing more to reach my goals.  I know that I could be pushing myself harder.  You know how it goes, life gets in the way. Laundry, cooking, groceries, family events, getting dinner on the damn table, more laundry, paying the bills, etc.  It’s never-freakin-ending.  And if you’re not organized about it, the days get away from you and somehow you never got to the gym like you planned.  Its the busy-ness of life.  I’ve worked hard to schedule my time appropriately and that helps me not obsess over the housework (Wednesdays are laundry day, for example).

I’ve always had a vision of myself as someone who inspires others to live their life on fire!  Totally fulfilled and in-line with their true self and vision.  That’s the reason I started this blog in 2009.  I wanted to be a voice for the average woman dealing with health and life at the same time.  Not some unattainable stick figure on tv or the morbidly obese of reality television.

A great reminder from this weekend!

One of the questions that came up during this weekend’s event was “where are you still hiding out?”  Alexi Panos posed it during one of her sessions that gave me possibly my biggest breakthrough of the weekend.  She also said, “your only job is to be all of you” and be as transparent as possible.  It became clear to me where I’ve been hiding out.  My journey has always been part of my “brand” if you can call it that.  When I started righting this blog, I didn’t have a business as a health coach, I only had my journey.  I figured that other women might resonate with it, so that’s why I shared it.  I didn’t want to feel so alone on the journey, so between me and the readers we created a community, kinda by accident.  Now that I have a business and I am a health coach, I fell into the trap of holding back some parts of me.  I didn’t want to show anyone the wall-kicking moments for fear that they wouldn’t want to follow me or become my client (just admitting this is part of the new transparency I am pledging to you).  And the truth is, I been bumping up against some wall-kicking moments.  I recently found out that I have a bunch of food sensitivities that I never knew about.  I have completely altered my diet to accommodate them and I’m working with a naturopathic doctor to continue my transformation.  The harsh realization that this entire time I have been sensitive to my beloved cheese brought me to tears.  I know it can sound kinda crazy, but when the doctor told me, my whole world was rocked. My blog is called MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH CHEESE for crying out loud!

No more pizza, no more pasta with parmesan, none of it anymore.

My weight is not where I want it to be, in fact I’m up from my lowest weight by 10ish lbs.  I am aware of it, and I am working on it, BUT I have been hiding it from you.  This is me being transparent.  I am committed to losing another 50lbs.  FIFTY POUNDS.  Sounds like a lot, right?

So, in an effort to fully share my journey with you and be ALL OF ME, I’m making a pledge to you.

I am going to embark on a 16 week Light Yourself On Fire Challenge (more on the title later) where I will chronicle my journey every week.  The ups, the downs, the wins, the moments when I just want to scream.  Because, it’s not about me, it’s about the message that you can overcome your struggles, you can transform and you can inspire someone with your story.

Make sure to friend or follow me on Facebook (under Marie Ingrisano Isner) for all the posts, videos, etc.  I will be posting here weekly with progress reports too!

Looking forward to this journey with


Love Trumps Hate

May 9, 2016

I recently mentioned in my video blog that I am my own worst hater.  For a long time, like so many of us, I would look in the mirror and only focus on the negative.  I hated the way my stomach looked after having two kids, my thighs were too doughy, my waist too wide, the complaints were endless.

Then something strange happened 2 months ago.  I looked in the mirror and started to like what I see.  My stomach seemed flatter, and my thighs has less cellulite, even my mid-section was slimmer.  I actually looked myself in the face and thought, I look pretty.

It was bizarre!

I figured, “Oh that was a fluke!” Blaming the “skinny mirror” or the fact that I was in a good mood that day.  It couldn’t possibly be that I was finally, after 34 years, coming to accept my body for what it is (and what it isn’t).

Next time I got dressed to go out, I went to the mirror and again it happened.  “I look good!”  “This outfit looks nice on me!’  Maybe it had to do with my recent closet edit where I purged all the items that don’t work for me and learned how to dress to accentuate the postitives of my body (instead of hiding the negatives).  I was happy when I looked in the mirror and that was something very new for me.

For so long, my health journey has been fueled by hating what I saw in the mirror.  Every lowest point of my life when the pain was great enough for me to say, “I’ve got to make a change” was built on the hate that I had for my body (myself) and never on love. In fact it was some really embarrassing photos of me back in 2008 on Superbowl Sunday that finally sent me to Weight Watchers.  I couldn’t stand the sight of myself and the worst part was that they were on Facebook for all the world to see! My motivation was always what disgusted me about my body and how I couldn’t stand to look at it anymore.

Once I realized that, I became very sad thinking I’ve misunderstood what this whole journey was about.  In 2013, I started learning about health and how to help others and the whole time I wasn’t loving myself, I was hating myself.  Fueling my workouts and my healthy cooking with hatred the entire time!  Thinking, “If I eat that donut I’m gonna look terrible in pictures on Facebook” instead of “Donuts are empty calories that I don’t need.” I’m ashamed to think I’ve been coaching others with this undercurrent of hate just beneath the surface.  I’m always telling my clients to “practice self-care” and “love yourself first”, but like, have I done that?

I’ll take the occasional afternoon off for a mani/pedi or to get a massage thinking I was “loving myself” and “practicing self care” but this is only the tip of the ice berg.  Truly loving yourself when you look in the mirror goes way beyond the superficial surface of hair and nail maintenance.  It’s actually liking what you see and not immediately following it up with the negatives.  I got a compliment just yesterday from my husband saying I looked good and I immediately said, “Thank you…but I wish my stomach looked flatter.”  It’s like, MARIE SHUT UP, just say THANK YOU and move on!

I’m sure the last two years of personal development (which includes dozens of Saturdays spent at training events, private coaching, and many podcasts on repeat) is what has allowed me to reach this new level of love for myself.  I’m really proud that I’ve at least gotten to this point, because it means there’s growth happening here.  Sustainable growth can only be found once you begin to love the new habit.  It’s like what people always say about the gym.  “You know once you start to love it is when you’ll actually make it a habit.”  That’s so true!

Anyone can hate themselves enough to lose a couple of pounds, but the real growth is when you start to love yourself enough to transform your life.

March 2015 (left), May 2016 (right) with love



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