Melanie Severo, Acupuncturist

Melanie Severo, Acupuncturist

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Melanie Severo, acupuncturist and registered nurse, has studied Eastern and Western modalities of healing for over 20 years. She received her Master degree from Tri-State College of Acupuncture where she trained in three different styles of acupuncture, allowing her to customize each treatment just for you. She continues to pursue ongoing studies in Chinese medicine, yoga, fitness and nutrition. Melanie is passionate about helping her clients be at their very best in their day-to-day lives!
Testimonial: Melanie of Karuna Acupuncture has enhanced our health and well being in ways we never imagined. After receiving her expert care, I now sleep better, longer and wake up more rested. I have less anxiety and my overall mental outlook has improved. More importantly,Melanie has greatly enhanced my wife’s health. My wife had suffered with a combination of acid reflux and asthma for years — with little to no relief from traditional, western medicine. After a few short sessions with Melanie, my wife’s symptoms have nearly disappeared — all thanks toMelanie‘s skilled use of acupuncture. We recommend anyone with any physical or mental health issues to seek out the care of this skilled professional.
− J.Z.
Dr. Lara Kossover - Chiropractor

Dr. Lara Kossover – Chiropractor

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Lara Kossover is a chiropractor.  What makes Dr. Lara different from the rest is her gentle approach.  Dr. Lara makes gentle adjustments to the spine allowing a clear brain/body connection which in turn allow the body to function more normally.  When the body can function more normally, there is overall health and wellness.  Dr. Lara is certified in Webster Technique which is specifically for pregnant women.  Having chiropractic care during pregnancy can help make pregnancy more comfortable and make the birth process easier.  Dr. Lara’s gentle approach is also perfect for babies and children.  Birth can be traumatic for babies as well as mommies; chiropractic can help relieve that stress and provide an overall sense of wellness.
For a free consultation please call Dr. Lara (718)832-7390
Testimonials: “Soulshine Chiropractic Studio is not merely a site for physical healing, it is also a space for soothing the spirit and lightening the mind. There is a “vibe” that speaks to you as soon as you enter the studio and says, “This is a space filled with peace; this is a place populated with people who are compassionate, competent and filled with joy.” -Viola P. Hargrave, Brooklyn, NY
“How often can you say that you have visited a doctor who genuinely listened to you? At Soulshine, the person and problem are addressed in concert, through a warm and welcoming environment. You’ll not only feel you’re cared for, but that you’re cared about.” -Scott F. Brooklyn, NY

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Rich Joseph - Personal Trainer

Rich Joseph – Personal Trainer

Rich Joseph is a certified personal trainer and a sports performance coach. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Rich’s training began in 2011 at a local community gym, where he became floor manager, educating members and student athletes on how to use the gym for optimal results.

Inspired by the atmosphere and the opportunity to help others look and feel their best, Rich became an independent teacher-trainer committed to bring clients into their best fitness. Losing weight and getting into better shape is a big concern in the U.S., especially when more than 50% of American adults are either overweight or obese. Rich’s overall goals are not only to improve the overall fitness level of each individual client, but also to educate athletes/weekend warriors on proper nutrition and exercise techniques as it applies to their sport or daily activities!

Testimonial: “From my personal experience with Richard,  I can confidently say he has mastered his craft. Constantly coming up with different workout routines to shock  the body and push me to elevate my effort. Not only has Richard pushed me to reach the best shape of my life, he has increased my flexibility, and changed the way I eat. It very rare to find a trainer that commits to your needs. Most trainers’ I have encountered have one goal, and that’s to sell me additional products and services just to make more money. But not with Richard, his one and only goal is to help you to achieve excellence.” – Prince

Marie Ingrisano Isner

Marie Ingrisano Isner – Certified Health Coach

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Marie Ingrisano Isner is a Certified Health Coach and a member of the AADP.  After nearly a decade working in retail and the corporate world, Marie changed courses to health as she worked to regain her own personal health after giving birth to her son.  Marie’s programs empower her clients to attain their optimal health and happiness through holistic practices that are easily incorporated into their busy lives.  Clients feel happy, in control of cravings and lighter after coaching with Marie.  Marie’s signature program, the 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse, has helped dozens of clients release unwanted weight and reach their health goals.

Since 2009, Marie has been chronicling her journey to health in an original blog called My Love Affair With Cheese ( With offices in Brooklyn, Marie leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual health and nutrition coaching to men and women across the USA.

Testimonial: “Working with Marie was life changing. I had tried many a time to alter my food dialogue on my own to no avail. Marie helped me do it and succeed. Now I am more conscious about what I eat and eating balanced nutrition. Thanks, Marie.” – Mali Mayer, Brooklyn, NY

Cindy Hanson - Reiki Practicioner

Cindy Hanson – Reiki Practicioner

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I live in Brooklyn, Park Slope, grew up in Texas and spent several formative and fabulous years in Chicago.  I began receiving and studying Reiki several years ago and completed my Master Reiki course study in October of 2013.  Since then, I continue to study and learn from this most wonderful of healing practices.  My client base is growing and I am thankful daily for this powerful work.

My journey to giving Reiki sessions has incorporated a few stops along the way, some exotic, some more peaceful, but with several connecting threads.  I have a theater background, have worked in the design field as a Human Resources coordinator with a big focus on health insurance, taught children (and big people) how to find and use their voices and physical selves in straight up theater classes, but also in science and social studies.  And I write – plays, stories, spoken and read, and was the story editor for a children’s book about 3D printing.  I’m a big believer in stories – yours, mine and ours together and the healing power they provide, as well as, alternative and non-traditional health and wellness practices.  Acupuncture helps me navigate changes as I age as a female and a human being and Reiki has been immensely potent for me as I recently navigated and mourned the loss of several family elders.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal energy”.  It is a healing technique where the therapist channels energy to the patient by means of gentle touch to engage the patient’s innate healing processes to promote physical and emotional well-being.  Sessions typically last for an hour and 15 minutes (sometimes a little longer) and people most often feel relaxed, calm and grounded when finished. I love a good complement and I think that Western medicine is beginning to truly embrace some Eastern modalities as well as nutrition and exercise to help patients feel better, heal holistically and maintain vital energy.  A Reiki treatment is excellent to prepare and repair – it is therapy without the words or exercise – it is quiet and thoughtful and the client is completely at the center of receiving.  It’s an exponential hug and vitamin in energy form.

Testimonial: “I was surprised at how revealing my Reiki session with Cindy turned out to be.
Not only did she spend ample time with me, but the insights, energy and healing I received as a result have helped me gain clarity and assurance. I felt as though I had been to a healing Oracle and found her work with me to be incredibly enlightening and helpful.” –Lorrie Harrison, HR Biolite

Mary Jo Strickland

Mary Jo Strickland – Treat Your Feet

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Mary Jo Strickland is a registered nurse with over 30 yrs. of experience in various areas, including labor and delivery, geriatrics, rehabilitation and psychiatry. She became interested in doing foot care while working in rehabilitation at Emory University hospital, and was fortunate to meet and apprentice with another RN who specialized in the care and treatment of foot problems. She established her own business called Treat Your Feet in Atlanta, Ga. in 1996, which offered a service for senior clients who preferred in-home treatment, or could no longer go to an office for care. She re-located to Brooklyn in 2010 and continues to treat those who desire comprehensive personal care, which is geared for the convenience of the client. She extends her services to pregnant women, mothers too busy for salon visits and men who are hesitant to go to salons.
” I live in Manhattan and walk a lot. I schedule regular visits with Mary Jo, who keeps my feet in healthy condition. I enjoy a level of personal care that isn’t possible in nail care salons. She provides a one hour foot care treatment, which includes trimming my nails, attention to problem areas such as corns and calluses that limit my mobility and ends with a heavenly massage. I’m a senior, but know that her service would be a special treat for clients of any age or gender.”  Betty Stiner, Manhattan

Mali List Mayer

Mali List Mayer

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My story…. I am wife, mother, and daughter. I wanted it all and that’s when the conflicts between work, family and home arose. I felt I wasn’t giving enough to my relationships, doing a good job taking care of my self as well as my family. First, I looked at the “why?” Well, I was doing everything, but not being productive— I was short-changing my relationships and myself. When I talked to other parents, I realized they were facing these very same issues. I looked for answers/solutions and they poured in—time management, energy management, task mastery, meal planning and a daily schedule to name some. When I began to fit my schedule with my life and my life with my schedule, things fell into place. I was more fulfilled and I had time for my family, my relationships and myself. I want to share this knowledge, share the happiness, thus I started Life Management Pros.

Mali List Mayer is a productivitgy coach. She holds a degree from Pratt Institute and a B.A. from Wellesley College. Ms. Mayer has worked in the non-profit and for profit sector. She is wife and mother and knows first hand about the work/life balance.

Life management pros wants to help you juggle life with success!

(P.S. My high school classmates voted me “most organized” in our senior yearbook.)

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