As promised, I went to Weight Watchers tonight.  The verdict: no loss, no gain.  I’ve maintained my weight for this week.  This is cause to celebrate.  I ate this weekend, didn’t count points and still no gain.  A good thing, indeed.  Also, I’m a firm believer that your weigh-in is only as good as you were 2 weeks ago.  It takes 2 weeks for a gain or loss to fully register, in my world anyway.  So this is a good thing, I was incredibly afraid that I’d gain this week and have to go home and kill myself.  Oh the drama!

On another note, the Yankees are losing right now and Ran is cursing at the TV in Hebrew.  Oy vei!  I had visions of getting all snuggly on the couch tonight with some leftover buffalo chicken dip and having a great American pig out.  Thankfully, I got home and had an attack of reality.  I had some leftover chicken from the one I roasted last week and decided to make a casserole out of it.  Now that I’m a pro at the Sauce Bechamel from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I am going to find as many ways to use it as possible.  The recipe went as follows: Sauce Bechamel with cheese (grated Swiss and Feta), half a pound of pasta, spinach and left over chicken.  This was one of those “clean out the fridge” type of dishes.  I halved the Bechamel recipe and only used half of a pound of pasta, because I’ve learned that as must pasta as I make, I eat.  Not good.  Added the spinach to give it a florentine kinda feel and to get those veggies in.  I was pleased with how it came out.  Tasty, substantial, lots of spinach and I felt good having cleaned out some of the stuff in my fridge (the cheese, frozen spinach and leftover chicken).

I’m really glad I had some exposure to Mastering because I feel like it’ll probably be a great source of ideas for me.  I probably won’t make many recipes to the T, but I’ve already found a way to make the Bechamel with 1% milk and light butter.

I’m bummed I didn’t lose even .2 tonight, but it’s okay.  The main idea is to keep on, keepin’ on.




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