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 The thing about swagger is that when it resides in you, you feel unstoppable and your self confidence shoots to the sky and it damn sure feels good!
For such a long time I felt like I wasn’t anything special and that i didn’t deserve happiness, success or love for that matter. I felt like I had no power and that I had given it away to other people. I didn’t know what my truth is and what it is I  was put on this earth to do.
In the past six weeks I’ve created some new healthy habits but am also struggling to let go of old ones. I started exercising and taking Jiu Jitsu but I still find myself eating out of boredom and as a reward for things I did. The instant gratification in food is something that is very easy for me to tap into because it has been a crutch for a very long time but it has not served me in the long run. At some point in my early 30’s my Cholesterol came back a little too high and that was a wake up call to me. It hasn’t gone back up since but I refuse to be in that place again.


I am emotional writing all of this down because I forgot how good this felt! This unwavering, unmessable truth in myself that I no longer have to defend is a product of this journey I have been on for the past 3 years and these past six weeks in particular. I know I am on the right path and that the story that I write from now on is one of progress and setbacks, of love and gratitude but most of all it will be a story of acceptance of myself and the people who will cross my path.

I got my swagger back Ya’ll!

Week 6 Results:

Weight: 157.4( +3.2 since last week, +0.7 since beginning)

Workouts: 2(Jiu Jitsu)

Book I am reading: The big Leap by Gay Hendricks

What I want to be to be acknowledged for this week:

Loving myself, warts and all.


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