Mali List Mayer

Mali List Mayer

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My story…. I am wife, mother, and daughter. I wanted it all and that’s when the conflicts between work, family and home arose. I felt I wasn’t giving enough to my relationships, doing a good job taking care of my self as well as my family. First, I looked at the “why?” Well, I was doing everything, but not being productive— I was short-changing my relationships and myself. When I talked to other parents, I realized they were facing these very same issues. I looked for answers/solutions and they poured in—time management, energy management, task mastery, meal planning and a daily schedule to name some. When I began to fit my schedule with my life and my life with my schedule, things fell into place. I was more fulfilled and I had time for my family, my relationships and myself. I want to share this knowledge, share the happiness, thus I started Life Management Pros.

Mali List Mayer is a productivitgy coach. She holds a degree from Pratt Institute and a B.A. from Wellesley College. Ms. Mayer has worked in the non-profit and for profit sector. She is wife and mother and knows first hand about the work/life balance.

Life management pros wants to help you juggle life with success!

(P.S. My high school classmates voted me “most organized” in our senior yearbook.)

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