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September 14, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner


The conversation I’ve been having with myself all week is that I kept telling m,myself that I will get organized and I have yet to do one thing about it. On a call with my coach last week I said that once my new planner comes I will sit down and I will organize my shit once and for all.

Guess what? The planner came today and I have done jack! the most disturbing part is that I felt guilty about not doing anything but made excuses as to why I didn’t. I know that I am not alone in this, that is what’s called being human as fuck and being human fucking rocks!

It’s awesome when I come to these realizations because it means that at least I am aware of the stuff that’s holding me back and now is the time to break the old habits and patterns and push on through. The first step to reaching that next level is awareness and it’s also very important that we recognize our successes. Success is also about being human because we have all experienced success of some sort at some point in our lives and it deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.

During the past 15 weeks I have been writing this blog twice a week, started practicing martial arts, said yes to things I would never say yes to before and lived my life with an abundance of gratitude and love. I don’t take these things for granted because those are things that wouldn’t have happened anyway unless I made a choice to pursue them and my life has change exponentially for the better.

There are only a week and a half left for this challenge and whatever I achieve by the end of it is the cherry on top because I created it, all of it! It has allowed me to fall back in love with myself and experience what it was like to be fully self expressed again. I fell in love with the process instead of focusing on the result.

I invite you to examine where you can push yourself to the next level and also to examine your success. Understand that nothing is good or bad, nothing is right or wrong and everything is just what’s so.

My name is Ran Isner and I am HUMAN AS FUCK!

Posted by Ran Isner

It’s amazing how good habits, done consistently, can make you feel like a Million bucks.

I am beyond ecstatic that my training at the Dojo, combined with my home workouts are yielding results, both physical and spiritual. You can see the physical every Sunday when I post my weekly results and the spiritual… That what I want to talk to you about.

My soul was desperate for a routine that included some self care. I had my routine of going to work, then coming home from work and getting in to the home routine. Dishes, dinner for the kids, baths and getting them ready for bed. It’s very easy to settle into that routine and complain about it because then you don’t have to be a cause in the matter. There’s the “I don’t have time” excuse. Seth Godin says” You don’t need more time, you just need to decide”. Simple, right?  It can be.We choose what to fill our days with. We choose to complain about the time we don’t have but how does that serve us? Instead choose to spend your time on things that make your soul happy. Of course we have our responsibilities but our lives are not made up of those alone.

I’m starting to devise a schedule for myself. I now realize that without structure I cannot accomplish all the things I want. Chaos is not conducive to goal achieving.

The age of chaos is over. ‘Tis  the dawn of organization and choice.

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