You guys, I am dreaming not just of California, but of Aruba, Florida, Hawaii and any place where long johns are not involved in dressing for the day.  It’s so cold here in NY and we have had just about enough of the constant snow fall and shoveling.  The good news is, “Summer bodies are made in the winter.” That was the theme for my latest newsletter which you can read here.  If you’re not signed up for my newsletter – now is the time!  I’m very close to giving out 3 free recipes from my new cookbook to the subscribers of the newsletter (and no one else)!  Don’t miss out.  Click here to subscribe.

Here’s a quick pictorial preview – enjoy!

Isa Bef After Mom

Mom of 3 Loses Big – Congrats, Mama


Marie’s New Healthy Headshots, Yum pasta

Iphone Import Feb 2014 061

It’s all Vegan, and it’s So Delicious

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My Before and After

December 24, 2013

I’m “taking one for the team” to show you how successful my cleanse was this summer.  This is definitely a picture I would “untag” myself on Facebook, but it’s the truth, so here it is.

Marie, in purple dress, Pre-Cleanse

Marie, in purple dress, Pre-Cleanse

Over the summer I put on a few pounds, but I already had some weight to lose so it was really a dire situation.  Then a fellow health coach introduced me to a nutritional cleanse.  Both my husband and I did it.  Once completed, I’d lost a pants size and 15lbs.

"After" Cleansing!  Don't we look great!

“After” Cleansing! Don’t we look great!

I’m hosting a group cleanse this January called the January Jumpstart: 30 Day Cleanse & Reboot.  If you want to lose weight in 2014, contact me for details at, mention code CHEESE13 and receive $100 off the cost!

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