The smell coming from the street meat guy on 54th and 3rd, I have to admit, is good!  My co-worker and I pass him often and always says, “one of these days we are actually going to order from him!”.  We never do though.  Only once in 2 years have we indulged in the street meat.  Why?  Well, I guess the idea of getting something good and somewhat healthy from a cart seems a bit far fetched! More often, I’ll grab a dirtwater dog from a cart in the city when I’m struggling for something hearty to eat on the go (and it’s cheap!).  A hot dog with a bun is roughly 9 points, so it’s definitely an indulgence.  But something about a hot dog from a cart is just so darn satisfying!  It’s portable, it’s salty, you can load ketchup and mustard on top.  It’s so simple, yet  layered with flavors.  I’m hungry, can you tell?  

Anyway, only in NYC the street meat has gotten a gourmet makeover…see below, from NY Post.

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