I’m up this week at weight watchers.  I know why.  And it’s totally okay.  But, it’s also time for some acknowledgment of the small victories from this week, even if they didn’t lead to weight loss (yet).

1.Ttracked my meal out at my favorite restaurant Bar Stuzzichini – it was brutal, but I did it, and I’m glad I tracked becuase now I know if I want to go there again, I know what to expect.

2. Ate loads of salads this week.  Loving arugala with a teaspoon of parmesan cheese and olive oil.

3. Planned ahead.  I knew I was going to be eating more than usual at a family party on Saturday night, so I brought a yogurt for the long ride there (over an hour!) so I wouldn’t arrive starving and looking to eat whatever nibbles were available.  I had a few olives from the nibble table and that was it!  No pita chips, no hummus, no whatever else they had – because honestly, I didn’t even take a look.  I wasn’t hungry!  Yay for 100 calorie yogurts.  And yay for me for not succumbing to the pressure to eat at family parties where my grandmother is notorious for being a classic “food pusher.”

4. Avoiding Chinese food, sorta.  Ran and I have a standing appointment every Saturday to spend the afternoon with Ran’s aunt Sophy.  She is 99!  and loves her Chinese spare ribs every Saturday when we visit.  I’ve been sucked into ordering myself a serving of ribs plus a side of fried rice.  No good.  So this week, in anticipation of the Chinese food., I made myself an arugala salad to bring along.  I ordered steamed lemon chicken and ate that with the salad.  I still had my egg drop soup and 1 rib (rather than 3).  I was satisfied and happy that I consumed far fewer calories!  Also, I got in my veggies!

5. Hmmmmm, I really want to come up with 5 small victories since 5 is a good round number.  What to write?  Okay, got one.  This is a big victory though.  As soon as I realized this past week that I had totally derailed from program, my first thought was “I won’t go to weight watchers this week”  or  “I’ll skip Monday and go on Thursday instead, so I have a few extra days to over correct my bad behavior.”  This shit never works, if I don’t go to weigh-in I will lose another week to derailment.  The only way to lose, is to attend meetings and do the program.  So I went to the meeting tonight and I even got a “bravo” sticker for showing up.  Bravo Marie, for taking care of yourself and knowing that getting to a meeting is part of the big picture to lose weight.

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