January Jumpstart!

December 26, 2013

Are you ready to drop a pants size in 30 days?  Are you ready to have tons of energy in 2014?  Do you want to detox from over-indulging in holiday treats?

Then you are ready for the January Jumpstart: 30 Day Cleanse & Reboot that I’m hosting with fellow health coach, Trina Kincey.

Contact now for your personal assessment and for more details by emailing janjumpstart@gmail.com We are offering a $100 discount for enrolling before January 1st, just mention code CHEESE13.

This cleanse is a proven program that thousands of people have used to drop significant weight in 30 days.  Last summer after a glutinous trip to Las Vegas I did this cleanse and lost 15lbs. See my before and afters.  I felt fantastic fitting into my old clothes and even had to go buy a smaller size of jeans! I’ve been keeping off the weight since and feel great!

What will you look like "after"?

What will you look like “after”?

January Jumpstart: 30 Day Cleanse & Reboot

Hosted by Marie Ingrisano Isner & Trina Kincey, Certified Health Coaches

Cleanse begins January 15th!

We will guide you through a 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse with 5 group coaching calls tailored for your success.

As part of the program you will receive Breakfast & Dinner, nutritional supplements, a daily anti-stress rejuvenating drink, and the tools to keep the weight off.

You’ll be invited to a members only Facebook group so you can connect with your health coaches and fellow cleansers to have the real-time support to stay motivated.

Five group coaching calls will teach you everything you need to know!  Listen in from the comfort of your home.

January 13 8:30pm – Introduction to Nutritional Cleansing: All your questions answered

January 20 8:30pm – Eating right for your body: Learning how to identify what foods work best for you

January 27 8:30pm – Healthy Cooking with Ease: Learn new meals and snacks to never get bored while on the plan

February 3 8:30pm – Incorporating exercise into your busy lifestyle

February 10 8:30pm – Developing Maintenance Programs: Keep the weight off or lose more if you desire

Space is limited so please contact us now to secure your spot.  $100 discount expires January 2nd!  Contact me at janjumpstart@gmail.com to enroll!

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My Before and After

December 24, 2013

I’m “taking one for the team” to show you how successful my cleanse was this summer.  This is definitely a picture I would “untag” myself on Facebook, but it’s the truth, so here it is.

Marie, in purple dress, Pre-Cleanse

Marie, in purple dress, Pre-Cleanse

Over the summer I put on a few pounds, but I already had some weight to lose so it was really a dire situation.  Then a fellow health coach introduced me to a nutritional cleanse.  Both my husband and I did it.  Once completed, I’d lost a pants size and 15lbs.

"After" Cleansing!  Don't we look great!

“After” Cleansing! Don’t we look great!

I’m hosting a group cleanse this January called the January Jumpstart: 30 Day Cleanse & Reboot.  If you want to lose weight in 2014, contact me for details at janjumpstart@gmail.com, mention code CHEESE13 and receive $100 off the cost!

I heard something very interesting at a Weight Watchers meeting many moons ago – “You will lose more weight from Labor Day till Christmas than any other time of year.”  There’s something about Labor Day and “Back to School” fever that really gets people motivated to get on top of things.  I find myself wanted to clear out closets and get my apartment as tidy as can be knowing the long cold winter months are upon us and I’m going to be spending more time at home.  It’s also the time of year when I usually return to the gym (although this year I was pretty good at keeping it up during the summer).
Today I walked with my son to the gym rather the take the bus, and the weather was just lovely.  Sunny, yet still cool, breezy, but not bone chilling.  It was the kind of day that reminds you of going back to school and the excitement and nerves that goes along with it.  I took in a deep breath of the crisp air and I thought, “This is wonderful.” Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and I am always sad when it ends.  But I also loved going back to school.  I wanted to start shopping for new school supplies in July.  Even though this year I’m celebrate being done with school for 10 years (!), days like today still make me long for that excitement of a new year ahead.
Perhaps the Jewish religion has it right – Rosh Hashana was in early September this year and that marks the new year of the Jewish calendar.  Because for many of us, as I learned in Weight Watchers a long time ago, THIS is the time to make new years resolutions.  This is the window of opportunity to get on top of all the healthy habits we want to put in place because we have the seasons on our side.  The fall air just gives you motivation, because we are all trained from 12+ years of school that this is the time to get serious about things.  I am going to take advantage of this opportunity NOW and make sure my healthy habits that may have gone askew during the lax days of summer get back on track because in January, I don’t want to feel worse than I do now – I want to feel better.  Plus, let’s face it January and February are some of the most depressing months in the 12 month calendar because the sun goes down super early and the weather is abysmal.  It’s way harder to get up early in January to get to the gym than it is now! In January you will just want more blankets and a hot latte in bed, not 30 minutes on the treadmill. Believe me!
To help you meet and exceed your goals I’ve put together a group program simply called, “Feel Great Now” through my health coaching practice, The Family Plate.  If you aren’t local to Brooklyn but are interested in health coaching to help you find your optimal health, contact me.  Through the wonders of Skype and phone we can have a high impact 6 month program!

Why wait for January to make resolutions – FEEL GREAT NOW! 

During this program you will learn to:

  • Feel great in your own skin again by learning to eat healthy foods that fit into your busy lifestyle and naturally balance your body
  • Boost your energy with foods and activities that are best suited for your personal needs
  • Set and achieve specific, sustainable diet and lifestyle changes
  • Enjoy emotional support from a group of like-minded women who are on a similar journey
  • You’ll NEVER have to count calories, or worry about carbs, fats and proteins! Instead of creating list of restrictions of good and bad foods – You will have a happy and healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline.

3 Month Program Structure:

  • Two 75 minute group sessions per month, 6 total
  • 2 private sessions with Marie for your personal development
  • Free email support between sessions
  • Access to a private online community where only group members can connect and share with each other
  • Simple yet informative handouts and materials tailored to your specific nutritional needs
  • My personal commitment to your health & wellness

Cost & Discounts:

  • $125/month ($375 total)
  • 10% Discount if paid in full up front before first session
  • We accept cash, check or credit card for payment
  • Upon completion of group, special discounts available to clients who want to transition to private coaching with Marie

ENROLL NOW! Space is limited!

Email: marie@thefamilyplate.com with name, address and phone to get started.

Group Specifics:

Beginning 10/12, Alternating Saturdays from 10:30am-11:45am

Dates: 10/12, 10/26, 11/9, 12/7, 12/21, 1/4

Convenient Carroll Gardens location 

Private sessions to be week of 10/12 and 11/16

– See more at: Group Program

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