My Moment of Truth

February 24, 2014

MOMENT OF TRUTH: So, I was definitely not planning on posting these AT ALL. But then I thought that my before and afters might be able to show others that losing weight can be done! And I didn’t have to starve myself or become a 7 day a week gym rat. This is healthy nutritional cleansing at it’s best! And, I mean, just look at my back! Holy cow!


Marie Before & After Cleansing

Marie Before & After Cleansing

My journey began in August 2013, I was frustrated with being at a weight loss plateau for 18 months! I’d lost all my baby weight but was unable to get the scale to move despite counting calories, eating more whole foods and working out more than ever. Then I discovered nutritional cleansing and decided I had nothing to lose but the weight! After 30 days I’d lost 13lbs, had fit into a dress from my honeymoon(!) and was walking around with more ease and confidence than I had in years. Since my husband was brave enough to let me post his before and afters a few days ago, I had to take the plunge with him.

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I hope my story inspires you to regain your health and make a change for the better. I am so incredibly happy I did. Now after doing 2 cleanses I am happy to post my after pictures (that I literally just took yesterday!). If you’re interested in what nutritional cleansing can do for you go ahead and message me!

Thank you all for the support!!

January Jumpstart!

December 26, 2013

Are you ready to drop a pants size in 30 days?  Are you ready to have tons of energy in 2014?  Do you want to detox from over-indulging in holiday treats?

Then you are ready for the January Jumpstart: 30 Day Cleanse & Reboot that I’m hosting with fellow health coach, Trina Kincey.

Contact now for your personal assessment and for more details by emailing We are offering a $100 discount for enrolling before January 1st, just mention code CHEESE13.

This cleanse is a proven program that thousands of people have used to drop significant weight in 30 days.  Last summer after a glutinous trip to Las Vegas I did this cleanse and lost 15lbs. See my before and afters.  I felt fantastic fitting into my old clothes and even had to go buy a smaller size of jeans! I’ve been keeping off the weight since and feel great!

What will you look like "after"?

What will you look like “after”?

January Jumpstart: 30 Day Cleanse & Reboot

Hosted by Marie Ingrisano Isner & Trina Kincey, Certified Health Coaches

Cleanse begins January 15th!

We will guide you through a 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse with 5 group coaching calls tailored for your success.

As part of the program you will receive Breakfast & Dinner, nutritional supplements, a daily anti-stress rejuvenating drink, and the tools to keep the weight off.

You’ll be invited to a members only Facebook group so you can connect with your health coaches and fellow cleansers to have the real-time support to stay motivated.

Five group coaching calls will teach you everything you need to know!  Listen in from the comfort of your home.

January 13 8:30pm – Introduction to Nutritional Cleansing: All your questions answered

January 20 8:30pm – Eating right for your body: Learning how to identify what foods work best for you

January 27 8:30pm – Healthy Cooking with Ease: Learn new meals and snacks to never get bored while on the plan

February 3 8:30pm – Incorporating exercise into your busy lifestyle

February 10 8:30pm – Developing Maintenance Programs: Keep the weight off or lose more if you desire

Space is limited so please contact us now to secure your spot.  $100 discount expires January 2nd!  Contact me at to enroll!

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“Health coaches can give patients specific recipes and hold their hands. I don’t  have the time to do that.” – Dr. Frank Lipman

Well said, Dr. Lipman!  This past week a friend and fellow health coach posted this story to her Facebook page.  A woman was at the grocery store trying to figure out which butter had more fiber in it.

Fiber in butter?  Um, no.

But it raises a great point.  The doctor told her to get more fiber into her husband’s diet and she literally had NO IDEA what to do.  She was probably not even sure what fiber is except something listed on a nutrition facts label.  This is scary.

What is fiber, anyway?

The reality of the situation is that most of us go to the doctor and get prescriptions like “lose weight”, “get your cholesterol down”, or “increase your fiber intake” and don’t know what to do.  Sadly, in the world we live in nutrition education is lacking and misguided.  The infamous food pyramid I grew up with is often regarded as the reason we are facing an obesity epidemic because it recommended all the wrong ratios of foods (6-8 servings of carbohydrates, mostly in the form of white bread and pasta, eek!).  When the doctor gives you these “prescriptions” they don’t have the time to help you see them through.  That’s where a health coach comes in.  Men’s Journal just did a fantastic article on “The Rise of the Health Coach”, that sums it up perfectly.

Every Monday I offer free health consultation ($100 value) to the people who read this blog and the followers of my Facebook page.  If you are interested in seeing what a health coach can do for you contact me at and let’s get your free consultation scheduled.  I can hold your hand through the ins and outs of getting your health on track when people like Dr. Lipman can’t.  Health in 2014, because you’re worth it!


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