Hot Take: September actually Sucks

October 2, 2018

I wanted September to be the month where I shed all my bad summer habits.  No more white bread, no more sleeping late, no more staying out late, no more easy breezy summertime.  Come September, I’m going to be a serious adult.

It was a great plan.  Except, September is just warm up month for the rest of the school year.  And for some reason, I always forget this.  The kids only had 1 full week of school in September, because Jewish Holidays, so every time I felt like I was getting into a groove, they’d be home with me all day and screw it up.

I was going to start going to the gym in September (didn’t happen until 10/1).  I was going to meal plan for dinner in September (hahaha, yeah right!).  I was going to adhere to my excel spreadsheet of a schedule and make sure I had time for all my housekeeping amongst work, kids and whatnot (Ummmm, I think I looked at it once all month).  September, more than January, is the month I make all these grandiose resolutions about the person I am going to become this year (this year!) and then I realize, September sucks.

First reason September sucks, (see above) so many days off from school!  We never get into a flow.

Second reason September sucks, I have to close up my beach cabana for the season and lose my tan.

Third reason September sucks, I can never figure out what to wear! Is it 80 degrees or like 50? I don’t know!! Pack a sweater? Wear a tank top? WHO THE FRIG KNOWS? Forget figuring out how to dress my kids?!?! I’m either sweaty and overheated or freezing – there is literally no in between.

Fourth reason September sucks, packing the damn lunches.  I had to do this most of summer for camp, but in September it just feels more serious.  Like the bento box has to be full of nutritious food and not just cucumbers and some fruit snacks.

Fifth reason September sucks, I can’t just grill dinner every night at the beach.  Damn, I have to actually turn the oven on?  And think of things for dinner besides chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs?? Ugh, so annoying!

Sixth Reason September Sucks, I can no longer justify buying cases of Passion Fruit flavored La Croix for $5.99 a case.  My summertime staple feels like such an indulgence that doesn’t make sense in the world of Pumpkin Spice.

Seventh Reason September Sucks, speaking of Pumpkin Spice, having to listen to people debate the virtues of Pumpkin Spice grates on me, let the people have the Pumpkin Spice that acutalluy doesn’t contain any pumpkin, life’s too short!



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