Final Week 16 – If I Could Light The World Up (for just one day)

September 21, 2016

Week 16

So this is the final week, the final blog, the final weigh-in.  You can watch my weigh-in that was posted live on Facebook for all the thrills, tears and thank yous.  I feel like that video encapsulates everything I want to say in this blog, so I’m struggling to write a little bit. What I’m feeling is, “How much more could you possible have to say Marie?!??!”

Here’s what I will add to everything I’ve already said for the last 16 weeks.  All my life I have winged it, phoned it in, used my common sense and charm to get through most of the hurdles in life and NEVER really committed to myself or anything in my life (except for my marriage).  Even with my kids, I don’t worry too much about stuff, because I always rely on my ability “to figure it out when I’ll need to.”  I have a lot of confidence in my ability to figure it out when it’s necessary, but what that has led to for me has been this safety net of “don’t worry about it, until you HAVE to”.

It’s made it very easy for me to stay mediocre at things in life, my schooling, my singing, my acting, my career and my life.  I’ve been on a 2 year journey to reawaken to my greatness or my Jeaniius (as Peta Kelly would call it).  I knew that I was meant for a great life, not just mediocre one.  In the end, that’s what this Light Yourself on Fire challenge has been about for me – making a real commitment to myself.

That has meant getting more organized and systematic with everything in my life so that I make sure and get it all done.  Making a commitment to Ran so that he could go 3 nights a week to the gym.  Making a commitment to assisting at Landmark for 10 weeks so that others could experience transformation.  Making a commitment to everyone who was cheering me on that I wouldn’t give up. Making a commitment to myself that I wouldn’t eat dairy and eggs since I have a sensitivity.   I made crap-tons of commitments for 16 weeks, and the thing that came out of it was that I found myself feeling FREE, HAPPY, ACCOMPLISHED and here’s the biggie LIKE I MATTER.

I have heard from some of you that you were touched/moved/inspired by my journey and that’s the best part for me.  All I ever wanted was to make an impact and to know that I can make a difference and that I matter.  Thank you for allowing me to have that breakthrough.

FINAL WEEK 16 Results

Weight: 183.6 **New Lowest Weight!!** (-13.6 since start, -1.4 change since last week)

Cleanse days completed this week: 2 (18 out of 16 total for the challenge)

Workouts: 3 (42 out of 48 total for the challenge)

Non-Scale Victory:  Definitely shopping for a dress at Macy’s with only 1 hour to spare.  I didn’t have time to hem and haw and get all upset in the dressing room (this has happened before).  I ran in grabbed a bunch of dresses in sizes 12 & 14.  I didn’t want to get something like what I would normally get – something that would hide my body or camouflage the bad parts.  I wanted to get something fun and sexy and something that I would feel good about wearing.  I would usually try the bigger sizes first so see if I even needed the smaller size at all without have to stuff myself like a sausage into anything too small.  But not this time, I figured, “Lemme try the 12s first!” With excitement! I am very happy that I settled on a red lace dress that fit like a glove without any tugging or pulling.  Zipped right up and felt amazing.  I won’t even need Spanx!! LOL

What I want to be acknowledged for this week:  Completing my challenge! I had decided a few weeks ago that the best way to finish it off would be with a Facebook Live final weigh-in.  I didn’t tell anyone though!  I was leaving myself room to back out of it.  But once I declared it on my vlog on Tuesday, it was go-time!  I also decided to do it in my sportsbra and shorts which is probably the scariest thing I have ever done, because I had no opportunity to edit it (like with filters or cropping, like you can do in a photo) since it was live.  I am proud of myself for not worrying about being “pretty” and instead just being real.

Book I am reading this week: Love Louder, by Preston Smiles

Books I completed during the challenge:

Go Pro (for the 3rd or 4th time), by Eric Worre

Organize Your Life, by Susan Sly

The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield

Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight

You Are a Bad Ass, by Jen Sincero

This week’s title inspired by: Just Like Fire, by Pink

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