Week 14 – I’mma be doing my thing

September 7, 2016


New Workout Gear for Week 14!

Fall is in the air!! I always loved going “back to school” as a kid (nerd alert).   As an adult, I’ve used the “back to school” fever to get myself organized and back on top of my goals/resolutions.  Honestly though, this year, (I’m happy to clean my house up a bit) but this challenge has kept me so accountable over the summer that I don’t need to RE-focus on my goals, I have been focused the whole time.  I went to so many BBQ’s and skipped dessert, extra servings, macaroni salad, hamburger buns etc.  I mean I really did the damn thing!  I didn’t use “summer” or “Bbqs” as an excuse.  I have been really dedicated since beginning this challenge.  I finally made a decision to transform and stop getting in my own way.

For so long I was afraid to take a stance and say “I’m not eating that” at family parties because I was afraid people would find me annoying or self-indulgent.  But now I realize that I was letting the FOWOT (fear of what others think) stand in my way for far too long.  Imma be me!  And honestly, no one has given me a hard time about being gluten & dairy free so that was all in my head!

I’m way behind on my workouts for the challenge by about 6!  So this Sunday when I arrived at the gym at 9am and there was no teacher for class I was a little panicked!  I waited a while, but then realized the class was cancelled.  I got home and rounded up my family for an impromptu workout in the playground on my street.  Ran also wanted to get a workout in and I figured at the playground we could do a circuit with my few dumbbells from home and some ingenuity.  I also figured no one would be there since it was the Sunday of labor day weekend at 9:45 in the morning, but we ended up bumping into 2 people we know!  They both complimented us on our workout enthusiasm so early in the morning.  I was determined not to miss a workout so I got creative.  Now I think we might start doing this every weekend and invite some local parents.  There’s nothing better than bringing your kids to your workout and showing them the great example of taking care of yourself.


Doing some Rows in Cabrini Park


Daphne looks on at Cabrini

Since Dylan had no school earlier this week, I had to bring him to bootcamp for a class with me (because again, I couldn’t miss a day) so I can work on completing the challenge. He is pretty well behaved there and talks about his “workouts” that he does at karate.  Plus he sees me “doing the damn thing.”  He also likes to see where I’ve been all those nights I said, “I’m going to bootcamp.”  It’s never easy to leave your family at night for an hour to get a workout in, but taking him has helped me show him what I’m doing so he understands why it’s important that I go.


Dylan does his best “Superman”

I’ve started thinking about what comes next in 2 weeks when this challenge is over. What more can I layer in to make it more transformative?  I’m always looking for ways to push myself out of my comfort zone, because that feeling of personal growth is so intoxicating I’d hate to let it go.

So I’ve decided to do 2 extra cleanse days for the challenge.  I’d originally committed to 16, but now I am re-upping for 18 total.  My workouts are going well, but it’s likely I won’t hit my 48 goal by Sept 21.

Week 14 Results

Weight: 185.6 (-11.4 since start, -4.0 change since last week)

Cleanse days completed this week: 2 (14 total for the challenge)

Workouts: 4 (36 total for the challenge)

Non-Scale Victory:  Today at the gym one of the trainers said I look great!! She said my shoulders and arms have improved.  Arms are smaller and shoulders are more defined.  Plus my body fat percentage went way down!  I was very proud today to get on the scale.

What I want to be acknowledged for this week:  I went through my clothes and pulled out 12 items that no longer fit or are just old and need to be passed on.  In the past, I would have agonized with guilt about getting rid of “perfectly good” clothes even though they don’t suit me anymore.  But I have LET GO of this false attachment and removed some items to make space for the new.

Book I am reading this week: Love Louder, by Preston Smiles

This week’s title inspired by: Imma Be, by Black Eyed Peas

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