Week 10: Now what?

August 14, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

I’m still riding the high of the convention I attended with my wife this past week. My journey with the nutritional cleansing company we have partnered with has led me to this moment.

I haveneen to their events before and I was riding high father those as well. The difference was that I didn’t have the belief and by that I mean belief in myself. 

I know the products work. I am a living, breathing testament to that. What I was lacking was the belief that anyone would actually want to listen to what I have to say.

At the airport on the way back from the convention I did something  I had never done before. I PROSPECTED! A guy behind me in the line for Starbucks was listening to the conversation of the people in front of us and saw my company name on my backpack and asked “what is this company? I’ve never heard of it before”. We got to talking and since his wife is a stay at home we suggested we set up a call with her. Will anything come of it? Who knows? The point is, I had the confidence to engage in a conversation with a total stranger about the business.

Having the conversation is not hard, it’s the story we tell ourselves about the conversation that makes it an insurmountable challenge. The point is, I shouldn’t be afraid to fail because at least Insm doing something whereas before I did nothing and was wondering why the business isn’t growing.

So now what? Comfort zone be damned! That shit never comforted me anyway!

One of the Millionaires in our business has a saying ” Yes builds your business, the No’s build your character”

I will hear plenty of no’s in the process but I will welcome them. Why? Because what I learn from them is invaluable. You only fail if you quit and I have no fucking intention of quitting.

Week 10:

Weight: 153.6( +2.0 since last week, -3.1 since start

Cleanse days: 0

Workouts: 2 ( Zumba, home workout)

Book I am reading: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

What I would like to be acknowledged for this week:

I prospected in the airport!!!

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