Week 10 – We’ve Gone Delirious

August 11, 2016


Marie at Gala 2016 (left), Marie & Ran (right)

Turning back the clock this week as I’ve broken through on my weight in a MAJOR way.  Remember 2010?  The year that gave us the Gulf Oil Spill and the Apple Ipad?  Well I haven’t weighed this little (!) since 2010!  Since I’ve recorded my weight on My Fitness Pal since the beginning of 2013, I have a pretty good record of what I weighed and when.  If I get time, I’ll plot it out on a graph for you all complete with the all the emotional lampposts that influenced it all.  Some years I was not in the mood to take care of myself it seems.  And I am always one for a little Microsoft Excel spreadsheet action.

2010 was also the last time before I started having kids.  I became pregnant with my son Dylan in November 2010 at 195lbs.  It was a difficult year for me prior to that.  Honeymoon bliss had worn off and my husband was out of work.  I didn’t feel as connected to my husband as I had before we’d gotten married.  Plus, I was stalled at work having been in the same position for 3 years with no promotion in sight.  I was feeling stuck, disconnected and uninspired.  In 2008 I’d released 23lbs and in 2010 I put it all back on.

In between having my two children I did my best to release the weight and the closest I got was 185.4.  Then, I decided to get pregnant (again)!

Now, I’m working on my health not just from a calorie standpoint but also a mindset transformation.  Before when I succeeded at losing weight, it was because I was dealing with the symptoms (being fat) and not the root cause of the problem (my mindset around food/eating).  That’s why I would always rebound, I wasn’t treating the root cause.  Now that I’ve found the best system for my body to lose weight AND I’m working on my mindset, I am deliriously happy.  My goal is finally within reach.  I am poised to keep the weight off this time around.

I’m sure you want to know what secret sauce of mindset training I am doing to cause all these breakthroughs.  I’d love to tell you, but it’s not just a silver bullet method.  I’m coaching with experts, spending time at Landmark, reading books, listening to podcasts, working with a naturopathic doctor, connecting with my colleagues, pushing myself at the gym, and so many other new behaviors.  It’s not just 1 thing, it’s so many things that I’ve exposed myself to over the past 22 months that have lead me to this point.  And I’m sure there’s more for me to do so that I can achieve my goals, so I don’t stop moving forward. We never stop working on ourselves otherwise we start to slip back.

Doing this 16 week challenge with Ran has been so wonderful for our relationship.  We are connecting and supporting each other with cleanse days and workouts.  We are a stand for one another to achieve our health goals.  We are enjoying spending time together coaching our team and building our business.  We feel kinda like newlyweds again.  We are deliriously happy in our relationship after being together for 11 years.  It’s truly magical.

Week 10 Results

Weight: 184.4 **New Lowest Weight!!** (-12.6 since start, -5.2 change since last week)

Workouts: 2 (1 Bootcamp, 1 Zumba, 28 total since start)

Cleanse days completed this week: 2 (10 total for the challenge)

Non-Scale Victory: Everything to do with the gala I attended on Tuesday night was a non-scale victory.  Wearing a new dress, feeling confident in it, doing my own hair, feeling sexy, and not getting all weird and anxious about it.  Getting ready without drama, tears and anxiety is the best non-scale victory for me.  The day of my wedding I was so nervous about my dress that I cried while I was putting it on.  I never want to deal with that again.

What I want to be acknowledged for this week:  Finally planning for a day at the pool with my kids and actually packing myself healthy food.  Packing for my trip to Vegas with ease.  Getting up at 6am for Zumba (which I’ve only done once before) and breaking through my fear about being the most uncoordinated person there.

Book I am reading this week: You Are a Bad Ass, by Jen Sincero

This week’s title inspired by: Delirious, by Steve Aoki ft. Kid Ink

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