A Life To Live For

August 10, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

We all know that saying “it’s to die for” we use something to describe something so amazing that we would actually give our lives to be able to experience. Let’s think about that for a second

Jeff Combs, a friend and business mentor tends to disagree with the premise of that saying and so he turns the phrase on it’s head and says “it’s to live for”.

The latter approach resonates with me more than the former. Nothing is worth sacrificing one’s life no matter how amazing it is. I would much rather live my life to the fullest and experience all the amazing things I see in my mind’s eye.

Luckily, I’ve found the vehicle that will allow me to do just that. You know what the kicker is? Living the life I love is a total biproduct of the path I’ve chosen to take. My wife and I have been working for about 2.5 years with a health and wellness company that offers solutions in weight loss, healthy aging, performance and wealth creation. 

The company’s mission is to free people of physical and financial pain which is something I am proud to align myself with. By helping people achieve their health and financial goals I am able to earn residual income which allows me to pursue the life of my dreams.The only issue was that I wasn’t in a place where I thought that I was capable of assisting people with achieving their health and wealth goals and I was paralyzed by fear. 

What I didn’t get was that by allowing myself to be paralyzed by fear I was depriving the people in my life from the possibility of living a life they love. I had such amazing results with the products and have seen people replace their full time income with the residual income from the business first hand yet I didn’t have the belief in myself to take action and connect people with these life changing products.

Today was the last day of the company’s convention here in Las Vegas and myself and 14,000 other people were urged to go out there and change people’s lives and for the first time in 2.5 years I am ready and excited to do just that.

Every person deserves to live a healthy and prosperous life and I was always a stand for that but up until recently I didn’t believe it for myself, so how could I have enrolled others in that vision?

The last two months were the game changers for me. Creating the new healthy habits, having consistency and rebuilding my self esteem were instrumental in crafting my posture about our business and cementing my belief in my ability to inspire people to live the life of their dreams.

I carry myself in a completely different manner and have a new found self confidence that makes me feel 10 feet tall. I feel sexy for the first time in my life and I am owning it.

Me at Celebration 2016 Gala

I have been extremely fortunate in these past 2.5 years because my wife Marie never lost faith in me. She knew that there was greatness in me and was persistent in pushing me to rediscover that greatness. She has been a stand for me to live the life I was meant to live and fulfill the role I was meant to fulfill, which is being a stand for people living the life they were meant to live. She has been on her own journey and is blossoming into this powerhouse that I could not be more proud and in awe of.

Marie at Celebration 2016 Gala

I am so proud of how far we have both come and am proud to partner with a company who is fully committed to transforming people’s lives and I will not apologize for that ever again. I intend to keep being a stand for people to live the life of their dreams and to have experiences that are “to live for”.

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