Week 8 – You only Wake up When It’s Over

July 28, 2016


HALFWAY POINT!! I’m really pleased with my results so far.  So many people are starting to take notice and are supporting my journey – it really makes it so much more fun.  Thank you to everyone who made a comment and encouraged me!

I think I had a major breakthrough this week…emotionally!  Which I promise, is related to my weight.  In my business we say, how much weight did you “release”? Instead of “lose”.  Using the word “lose” makes it sound like you may want to find it again, which no one does!  So we say “release” instead, so that it may never come back and find you!  For me, my extra weight was related to so many things that I’d never realized until I became a health coach.  A lot of them are personal, but I’ll share a few here to give you an idea of how the mind/body connection can be a factor in your weight loss journey.  My family is full of people who are overweight – everywhere from 10lbs to 100lbs.  So for me, to release weight and be at my goal weight would mean on some level to not be connected with my family anymore.  That sounds crazy on the surface, but that is a real reason to resist losing weight.

You want a gut check? Take a pen and paper and write 20 reasons why you don’t want to lose weight.  Someone challenged me to do this and I did it reluctantly.  But I found it really cathartic.  The reasons will surprise you.  Another one of mine is that if I got to my goal weight I was afraid that I’d be under more scrutiny from people about how I ate and lived my life.  I was also afraid that if I got to my goal weight I’d have to eat way less to maintain it.  I’m also afraid that I’ll lose my struggle and my identity wrapped around my weight loss struggle.  The struggle is very familiar, I’ve been doing it for a decade!

I wrote the list, then I shared the list with a confidant and decided these were all “reasons” I could overcome.  And just like that, I decided to let go.  I stopped “trying to let go” or “struggling to let go” and I just let go.  One of my coaches, Jeffery Combs, has been teaching me about how letting go is a decision.  Not, as he puts it, “a ‘How do I?'”  He says, “Why don’t you?”  I decided this week I have suffered enough and I let it all go, all 2o reasons.

And you know what, I lost another half pound.  This mind/body shit really works.

I’ve named this week’s blog after a song that Ran and I performed at an event for Jeffery Combs back in December.  To me, it’s a song about letting go.  I put a link at the bottom to a short video of our performance.  Enjoy.

Week 8 Results

Weight: 187.6 (-9.4 since start, -0.4 change since last week) *Averaging 1.175lbs per week, overall goal for challenge is 25lbs

Workouts: 3 (23 total since start) *1 behind on Schedule

Cleanse days completed this week: 1 (8 total for the challenge) *Right on Schedule

Non-Scale Victory: Virtually shopping for a gala gown was actually fun this week! Instead of looking for dresses that would hide my body I was actually excited to show it off!  Buying dresses for formal events is pretty stressful for me usually and this time I was very relaxed about it.  This is big growth for me, getting dressed in the past used to give me anxiety attacks!

What I want to be acknowledged for this week:  I really got back in the kitchen this week and cooked up some delish food for myself and my family.  I had been resisting cooking because I was lazy, bored or just too hot! But this week I made a few new recipes and I started to enjoy cooking again!  I made Sweet & Smoky Chicken, Zesty Turkey Meatballs, Quinoa Salad and Shiitake Bacon!

Book I am reading this week: Love Louder, by Preston Smiles *Already completed my 4 book goals for the challenge

This week’s title inspired by: You Only Wake Up When’s It Over, performed by Marie & Ran Isner

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