I feel a habit coming on.

July 24, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

You know how they say that once you start working out consistently you start enjoying it and God forbid, even loving it? 

Well I’m at that point now.  I am really enjoying going to Jiu Jitsu and I am actually looking forward to going every week. I enjoy the exercise and the people there are extremely nice so it make is that much easier to go in there three times a week. There is also a strong sense of community that really vibes well with me.

What it also did is motivate me to exercise on my own. I find myself doing sit-ups, crunches and push ups on my living room floor on a yoga mat for crying out loud! 

This week I have also been a lot better with my food. I stayed pretty much on track and had the best deep cleanse I have ever had. When I looked at the scale today and saw that I hadn’t put all of the weight back, I was very happy and my body is showing some results as well( as you can see by the photos above).

Over the years I have tried different ways of exercise. I went to the gym, I tried running and personal training but I could never do it long enough where I enjoyed it and was willing to develop the habit. With what I am doing now I feel I am getting all of that.

This is one habit I am not willing to kick

Week 7 results:

Weight: 153.6( -3.8 since last week, -3.1 since start)

Cleanse days: 2

Workouts: 3( 2 Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing)

Book I am reading: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

What I would like to be acknowledged for this week:

Not overeating and exercising at home.

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