Week 7 – Anything Could Happen

July 21, 2016


I was trying to figure out in my head the math on Week 7 and how much of the challenge I have completed.  (It’s 43.75%).  Numbers are a big thing for me.  I always enjoyed math as a kid and was even considered good at it until we got to the hard stuff in Pre-Calculus. Math is so black and white which is why I think I gravitated towards it. I’ve always been a very black/white, right/wrong, yes/no kinda person.  It’s something I’ve worked on, because life isn’t always black/white.  I always assumed I knew everything about a particular situation because I’m naturally inquisitive and asked a lot of questions, but that’s just not true.  There’s always going to be part of a situation that you don’t fully know about.  Naturally, then I would find out some detail that I didn’t know before and my whole perception would change.  The realization was then that I DIDN’T know everything (hah!) and what I thought was black or white was actually gray.  Usually it is gray, in fact.

Understanding this about myself has been great for my personal development and helping me not be so judgmental and all, but when it comes to your weight, either it’s UP, DOWN or the SAME.  This is math.  And it’s been pissing me off!

For the past few weeks I’ve been going up slightly after my last deep cleanse.  I was ready to throw in the towel completely (on deep cleansing) because I was failing at cleanses.  I tried twice and ended up giving up around dinner time.  Then my dad called.  My dad! “You can’t give up on cleansing!”  Ok dad, OK.  I’ll try one more time.  Maybe I needed the pressure, maybe I needed the reassurance, maybe I just needed my parent to take me to task. But I did it.  And once it was done I broke through my lowest weight since giving birth to Daphne (who’s now 20 months old by the way) and reached 188.


How I felt stepping on the scale to 188!

I first hit 189 in January of 2016 and I’ve been flirting with it ever since.  Hit it again in June and now I’m on the other side of it at 188.  One of my goals is to be at my lowest weight in 3 years on my birthday on 8/23.  If I stayed at 188 I would achieve that goal, but my stretch goal would be to hit 185 by my birthday.  The last time I weighed 185.4 (which was my lowest since having kids was Oct. 2013).  This is a significant number for me, because for 3 years I have remembered the joy I felt seeing 185.4 on the scale that day.  I remember what I wore (a denim dress from Gap) and what I did that day.  It was a landmark day for me on this journey.  I’d love to recreate that for my 35th birthday.

MI and LM at QVC

How I felt stepping on the scale to 188!

So 185, would be uncharted territory for me in this chunk of my life post having children, and who knows what could come next? The possibilities are there for the taking!

Week 7 Results

Weight: 188 (-9 since start, -4 change since last week)

Workouts: 4 (20 total since start)

Cleanse days completed this week: 2 (7 total for the challenge)

Non-Scale Victory: Wearing a bathing suit at the public pool and feeling good about what my body looked like.  For many of us “swimsuit season” sends shivers up our spines.  But for the first time in about 3 years, I’m feeling good about how I look and even better about how I feel.

What I want to be acknowledged for this week:  Deep cleansing on the weekend! In 3 years of cleansing, only once did I cleanse on a weekend day (Sunday) and I dragged my friend to the movies so I could spend a few hours not thinking about food.  This week I embarked on a cleanse on Friday/Saturday and it was the first time in a while that it went well.  Maybe it was the heat, but I wasn’t that hungry.  I didn’t get any heartburn (that had been happening) and I got through it without picking a fight with my husband (that had been happening too, mostly when I was at the tail end of the cleanse).

Book I am reading this week: The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield

This week’s title inspired by: Anything Could Happen, by Ellie Goulding

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