I’ve Been Missing In Action

July 20, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

The son of the founders of the company my wife and I are partnered with was on our team call last night and he said something that really hit me in the gut.”the noise is the loudest when we’re not in action”. WHOA! He said a very simple thing, nothing out of the ordinary but the simplicity is what made it so powerful.

I almost felt like he was talking directly to me because the noise in my head has been so fucking loud that it has debilitated me for so long. It has paralyzed me, has kept me from taking action and kept me from being the person I know I can be and doing the things I was meant to do.

On Sunday night I was debating whether or not to do a 2 day deep cleanse. According to my 16 week challenge schedule I was supposed to do it anyway but the noise was going to do it’s thing again and talk me out of it. At that moment I decided that I WANT to do the deep cleanse! I chose to do it and for the next two days I felt amazing. I hydrated like a crazy person and on top of that, I decided that I am going to take my first ever kickboxing class last night. I want to remind you, I have been cleansing for two days so going to the class is probably a bad idea. See? That’s what the noise was trying to get through to me but I was in action, so I quieted the noise and I felt amazing after that class.

The bottom line is that when we are in action, the noise almost becomes a non-factor, it becomes so quiet that you almost forget that it exists. The way I felt last night after completing the 2 day deep cleanse and after taking the class was intoxicating. I was so full of energy and I just can’t believe that I have been depriving myself of this feeling for such a long time.

I have been missing in action for a very long time and now I am drowning the noise. The noise is just that, noise, and it is undeserving of my attention anymore!

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