Attitude Of Gratitude

July 13, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. 11 years ago yesterday( and I believe that it was a Tuesday as well) was the first time me and Marie met and four years later we became husband and wife. I knew I liked her but didn’t have the balls to ask for her number or ask her out because I thought I didn’t deserve her  and I was ready to let that opportunity slip away, an opportunity that would forever change my life. Luckily, Marie thought that this might be worth a shot, got my phone number and made up a fake party for me to show up to. I have been grateful to her ever since.

Being married is not easy, granted we did live together before we got married so it felt like we were married-ish but being married is forever, at least for me. Two people living together, two different personalities and two different ways of looking at things are now meant to spend the rest of their lives together and you think there isn’t going to be conflict? yeah… no. Believe me it could get ugly and you know why? because when you are that close to someone and things that you thought were acceptable back then are being questioned all of a sudden, your first instinct is to get defensive and argumentative. All of a sudden you find yourself resenting your spouse and the tension is tangible.

You know what’s the worst thing your spouse can do to you? they can show you how great you can really be but your self doubt is so strong that you get angry at them for even suggesting that and in turn you get angry at them. That was at least my case. I didn’t want to hear it! I thought that I was good the way I was and that trying to be great will only set me up to fail and what’s the point. When Marie suggested therapy I completely dismissed it. I dismissed it for years but we hit a point in our relationship where if I didn’t work my shit out, things were not going to go well. I hit a version of rock bottom and it was time to get to work on myself. Marie was encouraging me to attend The Landmark Forum and I resisted for 8 or 9 years. I knew nothing about it but thought that I was going to get brainwashed and was not going to take any part of it. Again, I had nothing to base this off of and Marie had done it and clearly she wasn’t brainwashed. I was at another one of my low points and even after I committed to doing it, I was trying to find ways to talk myself out of it. They say that one’s forum starts when they register and I completely got that. My journey didn’t get off to a god start. I procrastinated and waieted too long to register so the dates I was looking at were already sold out and as it turns out it fell on Father’s Day weekend and I made that my excuse, “Oh it’s Daphne’s 1st Father’s Day, I can’t possibly do it then”. See what I did there? I made an excuse not to go. Anyway, I called the center and I plead my case as to why they should let me attend the Forum that weekend. They did their magic and I got in. I felt so good after that and I thought to myself “why can’t I feel this way all the time?”

Starting a network marketing business is what really put me in the space where I was really open to growing. Owning your own networking marketing business requires you to grow personally if you want to attract the people that will help you grow your business and that you would be willing to help them grow theirs. I am so grateful for that opportunity. I am grateful because it really made my marriage better

The reason I just gave you the reader’s digest version of this journey is because Marie was the one who planted the seed and was always a stand for me being the best version of myself. She kept showing me the way to my greatness and even though I was frustrating as all hell and there were many breakdowns along the way, we are now in a place where we can communicate in a much more constructive manner and I have grown so much because of it.

I have learned that gratitude is such a major component to happiness and to living a life I love that I make it a point to be grateful for everything, the negative and the positive because being open to it and grateful for it helps me grow as a person and makes my life better.

What I am grateful for the most is Marie, she is my #1 fan and always sees the best in me even when I don’t see it in my self.

I have adopted an attitude of gratitude and since then I have seen a tremendous shift in my life.

There is so much in life to be grateful for, so show your gratitude to the people in your lives and tell them you love them because they made your lives that much better

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