I can see them!

July 7, 2016

I used to have a lot of energy as a kid. I was pretty much bouncing off the walls always looking to do something. I tried Tennis, I tried Karate but nothing really caught my attention. One day, my parents found an ad in the appear for gymnastics tryouts and they thought that it would be a good idea for me to give it a shot. When we got there, the coach had me to different things like stretching and jumping to see if I have any aptitude for gymnastics. He said I am not very flexible but he’ll give me a shot. I was a gymnast for 9 years and my team was always one of the top 3( mostly #1 lol) and I was a national champion on two events, the floor and the vault.

I was always fit during that time but I never had the full gymnast’s body, i.e. six pack and bulging muscles. I was’t really watching what I eat but since I was always active and let’s face it I was a kid so my fast metabolism helped me stay thin and fit. Even after I wasn’t doing gymnastics any more I was able to keep my weight down and stay pretty fit and it pretty much stayed that way throughout high school.

I started seeing my weight go up during my military service at the IDF. All of a sudden I had a belly and whatever fit body I used to have was no more. I yo-yo’d all throughout my twenties and thirties. I look at photos of when my son Dylan was born and I can’t believe how heavy I got, even my driver license photo make me cringe. In 2013 My wife enrolled me in a 30 day nutritional cleansing program. I lost 15 lbs after those 30 days and I really liked the way I looked. In full disclosure, I had also lost a tremendous amount of weight because of my Ulcerative Colitis. I went from 185 lbs to 157 lbs in a very short amount of time. However once my symptoms subsided, I gained some of that weight back. It wasn’t until I embraced the nutritional cleansing lifestyle that I was able to lose weight and keep it off.

So I had lost all this weight and I felt great about it but I wanted to finally see some abdominal muscles poking out. The only problem is I was;t willing to do the work. I would start going to the gym and stop after a week. I started going to Bikram yoga but couldn’t keep it up. You get the point, I didn’t have the discipline to really go after it. It seemed like work to me and me and as I mentioned in a previous post, I never equated work with fun.

Now that I am on this 16 week journey and I am opening myself up to the notion that work can be fun and I could really benefit from it, I have decided that one of my goals in this challenge is to get a six pack and I am proud to say that they are finally visible to the naked eye! and the craziest thing is I am actually enjoying the process!!! How cool is that???




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