Week 4 – Put A Ring On It

June 30, 2016


Believe it or not, I’m now 25% done with this challenge.  Time is flying and I’m starting to settle into a routine.  I’ve been dairy free now since May 12th and this week I really got tested when we took the kids to the beach and then for pizza.  I knew full well I couldn’t eat any of it, but I felt strong enough that I could go with them and be okay smelling the sauce, cheese and bread.  I’m not gonna lie to you, it was hard.  I was tempted, but I had resolve that I wouldn’t introduce the dairy back into my system, because I knew it could be very painful afterwards.  (Both mentally and psychically).  Hello stomach ache!  Honestly, I won’t do that to myself again though, because there’s no honor is being miserable watching your kids and hubby eat pizza.

What I’m realizing with this challenge is that in the past I’ve been really good a doing stuff about 80% of the way.  I’ll study and do homework 80% of the time.  I’ll get to the gym 80% of the time I’m supposed to and I’ll eat well 80% of the time, but that’s not enough if I want to achieve my goals.  I’ve basically lived my life inside the Pareto Principle, that 20% of my efforts will result in 80% of my results. Over time, I’ve used it as shorthand to describe everything in my life.  Usually with the emphasis on, no one is perfect, and I can’t do everything 100%.  So, I’ll just focus on 80% compliance on pretty much anything.  It keeps me stuck in the same place and it’s really just about my ego trying to keep me safe.


I did a boot camp challenge back in Oct/Nov and I never truly followed the eating plan (though I did a lot of workouts and won the “attendance” award) because of my ego.  “I’m a health coach, I KNOW what to eat.  I don’t have anything new to learn here.”  Just 6 short months later I’m finding out I have food sensitivities and everything I was eating was pretty much incorrect.  Now, that’s a blow to the ego.

Week 4 Results

Weight: 190.2 (-7 since start, 0 change since last week)

Workouts: 3 (Boot camp 3 days in a row!), 8 total since start

Cleanse days completed this week: 1 (5 total for the challenge)


My “original” wedding band fits again

Non-Scale Victory: My wedding band fits again!! Truth be told, I’ve been wearing my “pregnancy” wedding band since 2011 and I was never really able to go back to my original wedding band which is way more sparkly!  When I got an upgraded engagement ring on my 5th anniversary, I was pregnant with Daphne so I wore it, but was never able since then to wear it with the original wedding band.  I tried it on yesterday, and it fit and it’s comfortable and it looks amazing!

What I want to be acknowledged for this week:  Seriously just letting go of my ego and really submitting to my coaches who are the experts.  All the best coaches have coaches. People like Richard Branson or Oprah have at least half a dozen for all the different areas of their life.  I will continue to utilize my coaches and stop making it all about my ego!

Book I’m reading this week: Power Vs. Force, by David Hawkins

Progress Report, Month One

Mostly to remind myself, here’s what I committed to at the onset. 

  • 16 cleanse days  – 5 done!
  • No dairy – done!
  • No gluten – 1 hot dog bun, but otherwise done!
  • 48 workouts – 8 done, I should be at 12 for the month so need to catch up
  • Read 4 books on personal development – 2 done!
  • Write a blog post on my journey every week – done!
  • Introduce at least 10 new people to this lifestyle – 2 done!


  • Lose 25lbs – 7lbs done!
  • Ring in my 35th birthday at my lowest weight since 2009 – not sure what the exact numbers are but I’d say 185 would be the goal for this.
  • Assist my clients to lose a total of 50lbs (combined) – 9lbs so far!
  • Not obsess over every pound on the scale – done!
  • Have fun! – done!

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