Creating a World Class You

June 29, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

This past Saturday I was at a team training event for the nutritional cleansing business my wife Marie and I own and we had the privilege of receiving some out of this world content from the incomparable Andy Murphy. Andy coaches people that are in the top of their game from multi-millionaires to professional athletes to TV and movie actors and producers.  What he specializes in is Neuro Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP. What it is, and I’m probably over simplifying it, is re-wiring our neural network to create new habits while sort of deleting the old ones. It is safe to assume that all of us have habits that we have created over the years that never really served us to begin with but they have given this false sense of security and comfort that we have been resisting to change them. Procrastination is a major one for me. I am a master procrastinator and it’s no joke, seriously I have mastered the art of procrastination and the crazy thing is that I have become comfortable with the anxiety and stress associated with it because it was familiar and safe. I KNOW!!! THAT IS CRAZY!!! But our minds are weird like that. I have this dialog with my mind and sometimes it goes into this shakespearean monologue rationalizing why I should procrastinate, saying “there’s enough time for you to do this” or “there’s enough time to call this person” or ” you can wait to do the dishes” and so on and so forth, you get my point. So what Andy was teaching us is that these habits can be  changed and new habits can be formed. Once we become conscious of our behavior in that moment, we are able to interrupt that behavior or thought and program a new behavior.

Andy’s sole purpose is to help people become their “world class” selves and his moto is that he wants to be able to assist people in reaching a point where they no longer need him  because they have become “world class”. To me “world class” means that I have created habits that set me up for success and allow me to perform at my peak level.

Andy also covered the subject of immersion. What he means by immersion is that we immerse ourselves and content conducive to becoming “world class” and surrounding ourselves with people who are like minded in their goals and purpose. I understood the concept of that before listening to Andy but I always considered that as “work” and in the past that always equaled no fun. I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that “work” could be fun because it meant that I was growing as a human being and how exciting that is. That has shifted since Saturday. I have been reading the book The War of Art with much interest and been listening to calls by some of the people I resonate with and all of a sudden I have this thirst for knowledge and growth and it is so exhilarating. My energy is up and I am a lot more productive.

A new habit I have been working on is Andy’s Morning Immersion System. I wake up every morning and I become aware of what thought comes to my mind, once I achieve that, I interrupt that thought, take 5 deep breaths and imagine coming home at the end of the day and something amazing happened. I have been doing it for two days now and I can honestly tell you that it sets the tone for my day. It allows me to present and accept things for what they are. I have noticed that I am more in tune with myself and am much more calm.

I have required this breakthrough for a long time and now i am in the space where I can lay the groundwork to becoming the “world class” me.

One Response to “Creating a World Class You”

  1. Sounds like very cool stuff! Tony Robbins talks about rewiring your neurons as well, although I believe he calls it a different name. Fascinating content though!

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