Week 3: I Did It!

June 26, 2016

You have 100% success when you can say I did it! I learned that yesterday at my team training while listening to the awe inspiring Andy Murphy. I also learned that we can interrupt and redirect our thoughts and by doing so, we are rewiring our brains to create new habits. As you all know I am all about crating new habits because the old ones ain’t working no more and if I am going to light myself on fire, new habits are required.

I did it! is going to be my mantra. Why? because I want to have 100% success. Success doesn’t mean perfect, success means it’s done. I want to accomplish things and not procrastinate because nothing beats the feeling of saying “well that’s out of the way!” I mean it! not having to worry about doing something because you took care of it already? I’ll take that any day.

Andy Murphy gave us an amazing tool to use on top of all the amazing tidbits he sprinkled throughout the day. He gave us the Morning Ignition System. When you wake up in the morning, tune in to your thoughts and become consciously aware of what it is you are thinking at that moment. Once you do that, take five deep breaths from the belly and after you’ve done that, imagine coming home and something amazing has happened. I am making this my morning routine to kickstart my day.

I acknowledge that in this 3rd week i’ve noticed that the excitement has worn off a little and that my old habits are forcing their will on me and that’s because I choose to let them. I choose to isolate myself and drift away with thoughts of inadequacy because it absolves me from being accountable. I know I’ve spoken about this before but until i break myself of it I require to keep reminding myself why this is happening so I can interrupt those thoughts and redirect them. I require to rewire my brain so that those thoughts are not the first ones to pop up, but rather thoughts of YES AND! as we say in the acting world.

I require to immerse myself with content that pushes me to greatness and surround myself with people that see greatness in me. In order to play at this high level I have to practice these habits constantly and in order to become”world class” as Andy calls it, I require to able to say I did It!

Week 3 results:

Weight:154.4 (-0.8 lbs since last week, – 2.3 since start)

Workouts: 1 ( went biking )

Cleanse day completed: 2

Book I am reading: The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

What I want to be acknowledged for this week:

I want to be acknowledged for being on the court and not giving up.

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