Week 2 – Silent Night

June 16, 2016

pablo (1)A few weeks ago I made a decision to stop putting on Netflix at night while I fall asleep.  It sounds silly, I know. But I’ve listened to a shit-ton of Frasier, 30 Rock, Cheers and Mad Men while I attempt to fall asleep and I started to wonder if maybe that wasn’t the best way to get a good night’s sleep.  So I stopped.  Cold Turkey!  No more Frasier, Niles, Jack, Liz, Sam, Diane and Don Draper.  Bedtime with no noise to distract me.  It was freaky at first!

Me and My Spirit Animal, Frasier Crane

After about a week, I started to like it. As I lay in bed and thought over my day or dreamed about my goals, I started to feel calm and peaceful.  It was as close to meditation as I’ve gotten and I felt like my sleep was more pure.  One of the areas where I’d like to transform in the next 16 weeks is in the way I wake up every morning.  Week days, Ran gets up before me and starts getting Dylan ready.  Then at some point he plops Daphne on me on the bed (not for any reason except she’s impossible to keep in one spot) and I wake up to madness.  I’m not setting an alarm (I don’t need one, I have children jumping on me) but in a way that’s worse.  I wake up to chaos every day instead of my dream scenario of waking up before my kids and having time for morning pages, a workout and a cup of tea.  (This has never happened in my life, but I still dream about it).  So I figured getting to bed earlier and with higher quality sleep might be a good start on waking up more refreshed.

In terms of my eating habits this week, it was a good week.  I did have heartburn again, which was a little concerning since I’ve given up all the foods I thought were causing it.  I think I’ve identified a new problem – fried foods. Which I don’t eat often, but I did this weekend at Applebee’s (you try finding something else gluten and dairy free that you actually want to eat) and afterwards I had that awful feeling.  I also noticed that I was eating more meat than I’m used to and I started to dial that back as well.  I don’t like that feeling either.

All in all a great week, starting to get the hang of this new way of eating!  I’ve also matched my lowest weight since giving birth to my daughter Daphne which I haven’t done in about 3 months!  Ready to break on through to the other side! I was even happy to see my cheek bones reappear in pictures.  At first, I was a little discouraged I *only* lost 1 lbs and then I saw the cheek bones and I realized, it’s not all about the scale.

Week 2 Results

Weight: 189 (-8.2 since start, -1.0 since last week)

Workouts: 2 (Boot camp, Bike Ride)

Cleanse days completed this week: 2 (4 total for the challenge)

Non-Scale Victory: Worked my first vendor table by myself at A Day of Joy and did it without major overwhelm or anxiety.


Me & My Table at A Day of Joy

Book I’m reading: Go Pro, by Eric Worre

What I want to be acknowledged for this week: I want to be acknowledged this week for starting my bullet journal and making it a priority to get organized in my schedule.


Bullet Journal Workout Tracker


16 Week Tracker


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