The Upper Limit

June 15, 2016

Posted by Ran Isner

I heard somewhere that 95% percent of people who reach their upper limit will quit whatever endeavor they are pursuing at the time. What is this upper limit you ask? The upper limit is when you reach that point where you either quit or push forward. Let’s be honest, most of us will quit when we reach that point and why? Because we are afraid of breaking new ground. Breaking this new ground and being in this new space can be terrifying because it is unknown and we tend to not want to live in that space.

There have been many times in my life where I reached that upper limit and I quit because it became difficult. I started learning how to play piano and I quit because I had to practice, I did the same thing with my guitar lessons. I quit gymnastics in 9th grade because I had to practice harder, I was a national champion for crying out loud! But when the going got tough I quit.

That was my ego talking, it wanted to keep me safe so it told me “Ran, why even try? You know you are going to fail anyway so why don’t you save yourself the trouble and quit now” Keeping me safe was me not believing in myself and I had many reasons to believe in myself. I came to this country to study acting and I graduated with honors. I uprooted myself, traveled half way across the world, studied in a language that was not my native tongue and accomplished what I set out to do I reached my upper limit and broke through it.. The screwed up thing is that I never gave myself credit for it because that’s how little I thought of myself so I was completely oblivious to what it was that I had accomplished.

The challenge is a complete departure for me as I am completely holding myself accountable to of all of you so when I reach that higher limit I am fully committed to breaking through it. instead of fearing what’s possible once I do, I am embracing it and am open to wherever this journey takes me.

The bottom line is, this challenge is my journey of self discovery, it’s about focusing on the process and not the result and it’s about allowing myself to fail because failing means that I am on the court ready to play and not watching from the sidelines. Peta Kelly says her dialog with her ego goes like this “fuck you for sharing but thanks for caring” I know you want to keep me safe but me being safe will not give me what I want in life.

As of right now I don’t have a clear idea of what that is but I know I’m going to have a fucking good time.


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