Week 0 -Throwing Down the Gauntlet

June 8, 2016

pabloOk, so here’s the deal…

This is Me, at 197.2lbs.  Just typing that number is making me sweat.  But I vowed as part of this challenge I would publish my weight, so here goes.

Just 6 months ago, I was 189lbs, so I don’t know wtf happened, but here we are.  The past 3 months I have been struggling with some weird health stuff, like stalled weight and heartburn.  I went to a few different doctors and they didn’t have any insights for me except – take pills and learn to live with it.  As a health coach, this was not acceptable to me.  Plus, the pills weren’t even helping with the excruciating heartburn.  I’d never even had heartburn before (unless I was pregnant) so this was truly a case of my body telling me something like “You’re NOT okay Marie, go figure out why you don’t feel well and your body stopped losing weight!” I mean, it literally had to shout at me, because despite my efforts to listen to my body, I just wasn’t getting it.

My goal weight has been 150lbs for years.  The last time I weighed 150lbs was in 2003, so for a while, I didn’t think it was even possible to get back to that weight.  In 2015, I released 30lbs after giving birth to my second child, so I was happy about that progress and the scale was moving in the right direction, but then, it stopped.

Now I’m basically back at square 1 – starting from my previous “highest weight ever” (not counting post baby).  For a while I was depressed about it, feeling like I hadn’t progressed at all.  But then I took a step back and I was like, “Ok, you lost 30lbs of baby weight. That’s good.  You started working out a lot more.  That’s good. And you built up your business 4x more than the year before.  That’s good too. Some things are going well, so you have to celebrate that and not be so hard on yourself.”

Then through working with Dr. Patricia Pimentel Selassie, I learned something I never knew before.  Me + Dairy = No Bueno

Wait a second.  Isn’t this blog called “My Love Affair With Cheese”?  Why, yes, yes it is.  I love(d) cheese.  I love(d) dunking cookies in MILK.  I thought those string cheeses were harmless.  I ate 2 organic eggs a day because it’s a healthy protein.  Turns out, for 34 years, it was not agreeing with me.  I have a food sensitivity.  I’m not gonna lie and pretend like I didn’t cry when I found out.  I did.  You guys, NO MORE PIZZA.  Think about it, you’d cry too!!

So this food sensitivity is not enough to actually get sick and throw up but just enough to cause heartburn, stall weight loss and make me feel moody and sleepy.  So yeah, I had to give all that up when I found out a few weeks ago.  Now we are in the “repairing my gut” phase which could take from 7 months to 2 years.  Ouch.

The silver lining was that my company just released two new dairy free shakes that are heavenly and are basically saving my life right now.  Timing is everything.

After we attended “The New Way Live” it became so clear to me that now was the time to really commit this 16 week challenge, which we’ve named the Light Yourself On Fire Challenge and get really transparent with myself (and you all) about what it’s like to be a fat health coach.  Now that I know about the food sensitivity, I feel like there’s hope again that I could get to 150lbs and maintain it.  I’ve struggled since 2008 with these weight problems and it’s been long enough.  Now is my time to light myself on fire and rise from the ashes like a phoenix (which is ironic because this occurred to me in Phoenix)!

A coach of mine said I was a food addict and that all addicts lie.  About how much they drank/smoked/ate and how frequently.  So this is my pledge to you: NO MORE LIES.  No more half truths and cropped pictures that don’t show my belly hanging over my pants. No more pretending like everything is okay on Facebook when really I want to eat a box of Oreos and cry in my bed.  Just raw and real.  Because I’m in recovery now and lying is a gateway to my addiction.

LIGHT YOURSELF ON FIRE CHALLENGE, A 16 Week Transformation Journey

Here’s what I’ve committed to:

  • 16 cleanse days
  • No dairy
  • No gluten
  • 48 workouts
  • Read 4 books on personal development
  • Write a blog post on my journey every week
  • Introduce at least 10 new people to this lifestyle


  • Lose 25lbs
  • Ring in my 35th birthday at my lowest weight since 2009
  • Assist my clients to lose a total of 50lbs (combined)
  • Not obsess over every pound on the scale
  • Have fun!

As Ran and I spoke about in our Facebook Live last week, we are inviting anyone to join us on this journey.  You don’t have to become my client – it’s not about that.  It’s about linking arms and reaching our goals.  Send me a message to be included in the challenge group we are putting together and light yourself on fire too!

I’ll be posting my weekly progress reports every Thursday – stay tuned!


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