What I Gained When I Lost

February 21, 2016


It’s now been a week since my “Closet Edit” with Brandi Johnson and I am really happy with the results. Check out all the bags of clothes I got out of my closet that was just clogging up space and not working for me!

This styling session was a goal of mine for a long time, and I promised myself when I got to a certain weight loss goal I would go for it! Losing weight for me isn’t just about releasing weight but also about what I’m gaining! I never would have had the confidence to invite someone into my closet before. I also wouldn’t have had any confidence in my appearance to put myself out there to learn more about myself. I’ve gained confidence, acceptance and love of my own body. That’s pretty life changing for me!

Brandi provided me with this wonderful summary of my style (which I had never really thought about before) and I have a new found confidence around clothes that I didn’t have before.

“Your best style is Naturally Classic. Natural is your primary style base. Close-fitting silhouettes in medium scale is what you’re after. Tops that skim your natural waist to define it but don’t cling; fitted, straight skirts and straight and slightly bootcut pants are what you’re after. The classic element comes into play more so in your styling. Clean lines will lend themselves to a more classic and polished feel, but take care to avoid anything stiff fabrics or anything that looks restrictive. For example, you can do a classically styled button down shirt, but the natural element demands that the shirt be in a lightweight fabric with some movement, rather than a stiff cotton poplin.
Also, take care to avoid anything “cutesy” or gamine in its styling. Stay with organic and natural style details. ”

Who doesn’t love being called Naturally Classic?? Thanks Brandi for pulling my natural beauty out of me!

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