Meet My Network: Dr. Lara Kossover

October 5, 2014

Dr. Lara Kossover - Chiropractor

Dr. Lara Kossover – Chiropractor

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Lara Kossover is a chiropractor.  What makes Dr. Lara different from the rest is her gentle approach.  Dr. Lara makes gentle adjustments to the spine allowing a clear brain/body connection which in turn allow the body to function more normally.  When the body can function more normally, there is overall health and wellness.  Dr. Lara is certified in Webster Technique which is specifically for pregnant women.  Having chiropractic care during pregnancy can help make pregnancy more comfortable and make the birth process easier.  Dr. Lara’s gentle approach is also perfect for babies and children.  Birth can be traumatic for babies as well as mommies; chiropractic can help relieve that stress and provide an overall sense of wellness.
For a free consultation please call Dr. Lara (718)832-7390
Testimonials: “Soulshine Chiropractic Studio is not merely a site for physical healing, it is also a space for soothing the spirit and lightening the mind. There is a “vibe” that speaks to you as soon as you enter the studio and says, “This is a space filled with peace; this is a place populated with people who are compassionate, competent and filled with joy.” -Viola P. Hargrave, Brooklyn, NY
“How often can you say that you have visited a doctor who genuinely listened to you? At Soulshine, the person and problem are addressed in concert, through a warm and welcoming environment. You’ll not only feel you’re cared for, but that you’re cared about.” -Scott F. Brooklyn, NY

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