Meet My Network: Rich Joseph

October 3, 2014

Rich Joseph - Personal Trainer

Rich Joseph – Personal Trainer

Rich Joseph is a certified personal trainer and a sports performance coach. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Rich’s training began in 2011 at a local community gym, where he became floor manager, educating members and student athletes on how to use the gym for optimal results.

Inspired by the atmosphere and the opportunity to help others look and feel their best, Rich became an independent teacher-trainer committed to bring clients into their best fitness. Losing weight and getting into better shape is a big concern in the U.S., especially when more than 50% of American adults are either overweight or obese. Rich’s overall goals are not only to improve the overall fitness level of each individual client, but also to educate athletes/weekend warriors on proper nutrition and exercise techniques as it applies to their sport or daily activities!

Testimonial: “From my personal experience with Richard,  I can confidently say he has mastered his craft. Constantly coming up with different workout routines to shock  the body and push me to elevate my effort. Not only has Richard pushed me to reach the best shape of my life, he has increased my flexibility, and changed the way I eat. It very rare to find a trainer that commits to your needs. Most trainers’ I have encountered have one goal, and that’s to sell me additional products and services just to make more money. But not with Richard, his one and only goal is to help you to achieve excellence.” – Prince

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