Meet My Network: Mary Jo Strickland

October 2, 2014

Mary Jo Strickland

Mary Jo Strickland – Treat Your Feet

Contact Mary Jo –

Mary Jo Strickland is a registered nurse with over 30 yrs. of experience in various areas, including labor and delivery, geriatrics, rehabilitation and psychiatry. She became interested in doing foot care while working in rehabilitation at Emory University hospital, and was fortunate to meet and apprentice with another RN who specialized in the care and treatment of foot problems. She established her own business called Treat Your Feet in Atlanta, Ga. in 1996, which offered a service for senior clients who preferred in-home treatment, or could no longer go to an office for care. She re-located to Brooklyn in 2010 and continues to treat those who desire comprehensive personal care, which is geared for the convenience of the client. She extends her services to pregnant women, mothers too busy for salon visits and men who are hesitant to go to salons.
” I live in Manhattan and walk a lot. I schedule regular visits with Mary Jo, who keeps my feet in healthy condition. I enjoy a level of personal care that isn’t possible in nail care salons. She provides a one hour foot care treatment, which includes trimming my nails, attention to problem areas such as corns and calluses that limit my mobility and ends with a heavenly massage. I’m a senior, but know that her service would be a special treat for clients of any age or gender.” ¬†Betty Stiner, Manhattan

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