Meet My Network: Cindy Hanson

October 2, 2014

Cindy Hanson - Reiki Practicioner

Cindy Hanson – Reiki Practicioner

Contact Cindy:

I live in Brooklyn, Park Slope, grew up in Texas and spent several formative and fabulous years in Chicago.  I began receiving and studying Reiki several years ago and completed my Master Reiki course study in October of 2013.  Since then, I continue to study and learn from this most wonderful of healing practices.  My client base is growing and I am thankful daily for this powerful work.

My journey to giving Reiki sessions has incorporated a few stops along the way, some exotic, some more peaceful, but with several connecting threads.  I have a theater background, have worked in the design field as a Human Resources coordinator with a big focus on health insurance, taught children (and big people) how to find and use their voices and physical selves in straight up theater classes, but also in science and social studies.  And I write – plays, stories, spoken and read, and was the story editor for a children’s book about 3D printing.  I’m a big believer in stories – yours, mine and ours together and the healing power they provide, as well as, alternative and non-traditional health and wellness practices.  Acupuncture helps me navigate changes as I age as a female and a human being and Reiki has been immensely potent for me as I recently navigated and mourned the loss of several family elders.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal energy”.  It is a healing technique where the therapist channels energy to the patient by means of gentle touch to engage the patient’s innate healing processes to promote physical and emotional well-being.  Sessions typically last for an hour and 15 minutes (sometimes a little longer) and people most often feel relaxed, calm and grounded when finished. I love a good complement and I think that Western medicine is beginning to truly embrace some Eastern modalities as well as nutrition and exercise to help patients feel better, heal holistically and maintain vital energy.  A Reiki treatment is excellent to prepare and repair – it is therapy without the words or exercise – it is quiet and thoughtful and the client is completely at the center of receiving.  It’s an exponential hug and vitamin in energy form.

Testimonial: “I was surprised at how revealing my Reiki session with Cindy turned out to be.
Not only did she spend ample time with me, but the insights, energy and healing I received as a result have helped me gain clarity and assurance. I felt as though I had been to a healing Oracle and found her work with me to be incredibly enlightening and helpful.” –Lorrie Harrison, HR Biolite

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