Lunchbox Snacks You Can Feel Good About

September 17, 2014

If your child has just gone back to school or just started school for the first time, you may be scrambling to get in the swing of packing snacks and lunch 5 days a week.  My son just started nursery school so I’ve put together a few quick items you can pack in the lunch box and feel good about!

1) Pre-Packaged Apple Slices – Brands like Mott’s sell containers of pre-sliced and packed apple slices that are just 30 calories a serving.  The apples don’t go brown, and since it’s a smaller portion than a whole apple, it’s perfect for younger kids who may get bored with a whole apple or not be able to bite into an apple yet.

2) Hard boiled-eggs – Eggs are a great snack food because they are unprocessed and are loaded with protein for energy! Here’s an easy snack you make at the beginning of the week and portion out into small containers and keep in the refrigerator.  I peel the hard-boiled eggs before-hand so all my son has to do it take a bite!  Ziploc has small reusable containers that aren’t expensive that are perfect for an egg or a portion of trail mix.  If by chance your kid accidentally throws it out, you won’t be heartbroken.

3) Healthy Cookies – Every kid wants to open his lunch box and see a sweet treat!  How about healthy cookies?  Just three ingredients: quick oats, ripe bananas and walnuts make baking cookies super easy!  The kids can even help you make them.  If your child’s classroom is nut-free, you can swap out the walnuts for mini-chocolate chips. has a great recipe for Healthy Cookies to get your started.

And finally, to avoid the boring onslaught of sandwiches, I suggest you invest in a good insulated container. My son isn’t really accustomed to eating sandwiches so I bought a type of Thermos so I can give him a “hot lunch”.  I opted for the Lunchbot after surveying some moms because it’s got a wide mouth and BPA free.  So far I’ve packed my son brown rice with chicken sausage in here, tortellini with turkey meatballs and broccoli, and even mac & cheese. Having this container opens up lunch to be more than a boring old sandwich!  Best of luck with your snack packing!


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