Travelling this Summer? Don’t Undo All Your Great Work!

July 10, 2014

With Independence Day behind us, it’s now time for many of us to head out of town for family vacation. If you spent the winter working hard in the gym and in the kitchen, I know you don’t want to give back any of that progress to summer travel! Plus, I know in summer the urge to just dive into a bowl of cold ice cream is huge simply because we are looking to cool off. Here’s 5 easy tips to keep you on track as your travel far and wide this summer.

1) Be prepared! It’s just like that Boy Scouts saying! If you’re prepared for your trip things will go a lot smoother, and you’re likely to save money. If you’re planning a car trip, invest in a cooler bag to keep drinks and snacks cool. Make sure to pack plenty of water so that everyone stays hydrated in the heat. The more hydrated you are, the less you’ll want something cold (like ice cream) to cool off. Easy snacks you can pack in the cooler include: trail mix, sliced veggies, apples, peaches (which are in season now and delicious), and hard boiled eggs. Fill up your cooler and you’ll need to eat less at the rest stop (saving money) and be able to snack and drive (getting to your destination quicker!).

2) Set Some Rules. Sure, there’s going to be those 1 or 2 meals that you’ve got to have while out of town. I had a client last year tell me the clam chowder was to die for in Cape Cod, and she planned on indulging in it twice on her journey. That’s fine! Know what you’re special meals are going to be and plan for that. If you know the clam chowder is worth having twice simply have a smaller lunch that day or get in a workout. It’s all about finding balance and not depriving yourself from the things you love. Enjoy those local delicacies because it enriches your trip and because you’ve planned for it.

3) Get Active! – If getting to the gym isn’t in the cards while you’re away consider adding in some activities that get you up and moving. Take a walk, go biking, or play hide and go seek with the kids. Any activity that gets you off the couch or beach chair will help you feel better once it’s time to sit down and eat that third slice of key lime pie. If you can get to the gym, do it! Bring sneakers and go for a new class. You can try out a local yoga class and call it a “tourist activity”! Last but not least, cue up any number of the DIY workouts on you tube and do it in your hotel room or host’s basement. Even 10 minutes a day will be worth it. Remember working out not only burns calories, but it also de-stresses you and raises your endorphin levels so you can be as happy as possible on your vacation and get the most out of it.

4) Leave a little something on the plate. I learned this trick on my trip to Israel back in 2008. By never clearing your plate and always leaving something behind I managed to only gain 4/10 of a pound in 2 weeks. Sometimes with new or special foods it’s hard to know when you’re full. Realize that many times the serving is way more than any one person needs, so it’s okay for you to leave something on the plate. Either take a doggie bag, or just leave it be. It’s either going to be waste or on your waist! You decide. I also believe that leaving something behind makes us cognizant of just how much less we need to feel satisfied in general, so it’s a nice spiritual practice as well.

5) Make your own ice cold treats. Here’s an easy way to make ice cream from scratch– take a frozen ripe banana and some chocolate chips and pulse it in your food processor. In seconds you’ll have a frozen treat that’s homemade, natural, and still delicious! If you’re staying at someone’s home or a time share where you have a kitchen you can make your own ice cold treats to keep from spending too much time at the sweet shoppe. Plus, kids love to help make these kinds of recipes, so it can be a fun family activity too. If you’re ready for something more advanced, consider buying a Popsicle mold and making your own pops. The easiest way to start is with orange juice, water and a few sliced strawberries. Freeze those and the kids will be delighted with the taste and so will you!

Enjoy your summer travels!

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