Warning: Weekends End Sunday at 4

December 23, 2013

While in a health coaching session I blurted this out, “Look, for me, weekends end Sundays at 4pm.”  As soon as the words came out of my mouth my client was saying, “I love this idea!”. We love the idea that weekends end?  Yeah!  Because it gives us some time to actually prepare for Monday and the week ahead without feeling guilty.

This past weekend I stayed too long at the fair, so to speak.  We spend the weekend away and should have headed home around 3pm, but lingered until 7.  Then we hit an insane amount of traffic on the BQE and didn’t reach home until almost 9pm.  I had plans to make 2 more recipes and to prepare for my busy Monday of health coaching.  Getting home at 9pm was not really in the plan.  The good news was I’d already done my grocery shopping and cooked a few staples, so I was in a good position, just not the one I wanted to be in.  I scramble to make cashew nut milk and cashew cream cheese because I’d already soaked the nuts.  The milk came out divine!  I highly recommend making your own nut milk if you like the taste.  It’s super easy as long as you have a high speed blender and a nut milk bag.

The cashew cream cheese…not so much.  Probably in my haste I’d misread the directions because mine was a soupy mess.  I haven’t given up yet though.  I soaked some more cashews and am going to attempt to bring it back to life tonight.

This is what happens when I stay too late at the fair.  Raw cashews ain’t cheap and I might’ve wasted 2/3 of a bag because I was rushing to make the recipe at 9:30 at night.

Monday morning was more of the same.  I forgot my notebook, didn’t have time for a green juice (though I did throw together a quick superfood smoothie) and almost missed the bus on the way to my office.  Geez!  Mondays are so stressful even under the best circumstances. That’s why I’ve realized in the past few months that Sundays at 4pm I have to go into “weeknight mode.”  I start planning for Monday morning, take a shower, tidy up the house, whatever it takes to feel calm and sane on Monday morning.  I know that if I don’t cook a bit on the weekend we are ordering take-out by Tuesday night.  I don’t want to live like that anymore.  I want to be one of those people who seem organizing through thick and thin. That’s why my weekends start Friday at 5pm and end Sunday at 4pm.  Which is still 47 whole hours of weekend fun!

Friends and family may not be happy with you when you say at 3pm, “Alright, we’re gonna head home”, but that’s their problem.  I love to be out socializing, but my sanity has become more important to me.  Sunday brunch should be the last plans I make for the weekend so that afterwards its home and chores for me.  Look, I get it, this is not sexy at all.  Didn’t it always seem like the women on SATC had endless brunches and exciting plans on Sundays (and never folded a load of laundry)?  In real life underwear has to be folded!

Especially now that it’s winter (and cold as F*ck outside) think about structuring your weekends a little differently.  Schedule in some self-care (mani/pedi anyone?) or a workout just for fun.  Take time for socializing but plan in the “sanity building” activities like lounging on the couch with your spouse or tidying up a closet.  Then turn into a pumpkin at 4pm on Sunday! Then you can get back to the reality of Monday morning with as much grace as you can muster.  I have never woken up Monday morning wishing I hadn’t spent a few hours the night before getting ready for the week.  I am always so much less stressed and grateful to not have to start from scratch every Monday morning.

About 2 weekends ago, I was sick Sunday night and basically gave up and went to bed early.  The next day was insane!  I was running about 2 hours late for everything because I hadn’t done any of my usual preparations.  Because I was running around like a chicken without a head, I eventually ended up at the bagel place getting breakfast.  (read: not healthy).  The stress always leads me to bad food choices and I don’t want to start my week like that.

When I’ve got the green juice already juiced in the fridge I don’t even think about getting a bagel and hot chocolate (did I mention the hot chocolate?).

This weekend after Christmas and all the madness that comes with it, I really look forward to my weekend ending Sunday at 4 so I can get my act together and start the first week of 2014 the (healthy) way that I want!

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