My Brush with Fame

November 10, 2013

I guess like most people who go to college and study theatre, I’ve often thought about what it would be like to be famous. Would I be gracious when people stop me on the street? Would I give generously to charities? Would I do Nespresso commercials but only overseas? I know for sure I would remember to thank my husband when I win my first Oscar.

Matt Damon, yeah, I met him in person, TWICE

Matt Damon, yeah, I met him in person, TWICE

But (I’m guessing) like many other people who go to college to study theatre, sometimes our lives take different paths than we ever could have anticipated. A psychic I see every few years (and who has been reading tarot cards for me since I was 19) told me recently that my fame “was going to be more subtle”. Apparently, it’s so subtle, it’s really just being famous to people who share the same last name as me! I believe the saying “a legend in her own mind” is appropriate here. 🙂

All kidding aside, I loved my time on stage and hope that someday I can go back to it, but for now, I’m really happy with my new profession of health coach and all the people I get to work with along the way.

It just so happens that in the past few weeks a couple of my most “fame-iest” projects all came together at the same time. I’ve mentioned in this blog before that I’m working on a mini-cookbook of some of my original recipes. It was an idea that only came to me around my birthday (late August) and I’ve already written 11 recipes for it. Now I know a full size cookbook needs a lot more than 11 recipes, but in the spirit of “it doesn’t have to perfect, it just has to be done”, I’ve decided 11 is a great number to put out as a mini-cookbook so people can learn a little bit about me, my home cooking and my health coaching approach. Some of the recipes are my mainstays (Italian Meatballs, anyone?) and some are brand new (White Bean Dip). They all got the star treatment this weekend when 2 photographers came over and photographed them in all their glory! They asked me if I was happy with the way the pictures were turning out and I said, “Are you kidding? This is my ‘Oscars Moment'” (Thank you to my husband for his never-ending love and support!)

It was not only exciting to see my food come to life through the lens but it was amazing to me that I only dreamed up this scheme a few months ago, and now it’s coming to life. It was an idea that once I thought of it, I couldn’t get it out of my brain. I wanted to work on it (without being forced). I wanted to try new recipes. I wanted to get feedback from people. Basically, I wasn’t afraid. It just goes to show you (and me) that when inspiration hits, it really doesn’t feel like work and it can be a source of primary food! That’s “finding your bliss”.

As part of the cookbook I also got the chance to have some new pictures taken of myself in a “cookbook” kind of setting. I wore an apron, had lights focused at me to make me look my best and felt like Julia Roberts. Another Oscar moment for sure!


Photo by Scotto Kim

That same week, we filmed a commercial for my dad’s business, Alarms R Us and I played a “yoga student” in an industrial film for my yoga studio. It was lots of cameras, lights and being called “an actor”. It was such a departure for me, because in all my theatre experience I never really did anything on film. I was so happy to be a part of all of these projects and have a chance to step back and say “Wow! I feel really lucky”. When we do things we love, it’s easy to feel that way.

Marie and Vincent filming the Alarms R Us commercial

Marie and Vincent filming the Alarms R Us commercial

I remember a couple years back, when I was working full time, that on Sunday nights I would have a bit of insomnia. I would lay awake staring at the ceiling which I almost never do. Finally I realized I was having a bit of dread over having to go to work the next day. I wanted to stay up late Sunday night as if to say, “Monday isn’t coming”. When I finally came to this conclusion I had to think about why I was having Sunday night dread in the first place. Finding meaning work or meaning in your work is one of our biggest challenges in life, amiright?

Sure, I liked having my pictures taken and being in commercials, but I’ve felt more proud than when I saw my stuffed mushrooms beautifully laid out in a professional picture. It was amazing. And those mushrooms happen to be delicious!

So I guess this is my subtle fame, and I’m kinda cool with that. I can’t wait to finish the cookbook and get it out to you all (read: my family a/k/a the ones who read this blog). Thanks for reading!

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