Monday Resolutions

October 22, 2012


Like many of you, every Monday I make a new set of goals – get to the gym more, diet, do more housework – you know, the usual suspects.

And like many of you, I am never 100% successful in all my endeavors. No one is!

For this week, as I prepare for my best friend’s wedding, I decided that getting to yoga first thing Monday morning would start me off right. I seriously thought about not going this morning, hit snooze, avoided getting out of bed until the very last minute. I got dressed though and hopped in the car. I got to the yoga studio to find that Monday’s is “alternate side of the street” parking day in that neighborhood – so parking was going to be next to impossible. I had about given up and started planning my egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant that I was planning to have instead, when the universe opened up a parking spot for me. I had about 2 minutes to feed the muni meter and get up the flight of the stairs to the studio. I booked it and when I go the door and saw that the door at the top of the stairs was still open – I realized – I made it. No going back to sleeping in and egg and cheese on croissants!

It was a great class and I often find myself struggling through it while thinking about “when is the soonest I can get back to class?” There is something about this yoga that really gets you addicted. It’s a better addiction than the recent “Magnum ice cream bar” addiction, I can assure you!

When I returned home I decided (as yet another Monday resolution) to make myself a healthy low-carb breakfast. I ended up with something lovely! Two egg omelette with dill and mozzarella cheese, crispy asparagus and a juicy sliced pear. I sat down to eat and took a look at my plate and it made me so happy to see that it was 2/3 full of fruit and veggies. It’s very easy to pour a bowl of cereal, or to pick up an egg and cheese sandwich at the corner deli. It takes some effort and time to create something healthy for yourself and for your family. This is what I am dedicated to. Not just for weight loss, but for health.

As I ate, my son sat beside me nibbling on the pear and asparagus which he devoured as much as you can with only 5 teeth. It wasn’t from a package or a tin – it was something I made and fruit that I picked and sliced.

As the rest of the day went on I continued to eat well and even made pumpkin muffins so that I can still fit in a treat. Now off to the store for the ingredients to low-fat cream cheese icing – which I will make myself. I think that I’ve definitely started the week off right and it really feels good!

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