I am the 70%

October 9, 2012

According to the Mallomars box (don’t ask), 70% of all the Mallomars sold are “sold in the shadow of the Big Apple.”  I must be genetically pre-disposed to love Mallomars as I was born and bred in the shadow of the Big Apple.  Not like I have an accent or anything to prove it. (Cawfee, Chawklate)

Honestly, I don’t think I ever tasted a Mallomar until my old WW leader Ellen talked about them one day in a meeting.  She mentioned they are “seasonal” because the chocolate is so delicate it would melt in warmer months.  I am such a sucker for anything “seasonal” or “limited edition” that I had to try it. (I just bought “limited edition” Dove soap that was formulated for summer time, even though it’s October, I bought it…sucka) Mallomars are a graham cracker cookie topped with a marshmallow and coated with chocolate.  It’s kind of like a ‘smore (another weakness of mine).

I went to Pathmark yesterday to do a big grocery shopping to really start the week off right.  I drove over there, put my baby in the stroller and walked into the store.  I decided I’d pop in to the built-in Dunkin Donuts for a tea (what a treat!).  With tea in cup holder and baby in Bugaboo I entered the Pathmark.  The first thing I saw was an entire display of Mallomars and Entenmann’s (which was on sale for super cheap).  Why must they put the sugary crap in the front? So I grabbed a box of Mallomars for my first Fall box of marshmallow-y goodness and realized, I don’t have a cart to put it in.  I just have my stroller, and my baby and my tea.  Damn.  I can’t shop without a cart.  So, back the Mallomars went as I headed out to the car.  Baby moved from Bugaboo to cart, tea no longer in holder and me a little annoyed at just how stupid I could be.  I was so busy contemplating tea and Mallomars that I didn’t even realize I was totally ill-equipped to actually shop.  Oy vei.  I’m too used to just popping into the grocery store after work to grab a few items that will fit in the bottom basket of my stroller.  This is a not a successful recipe for me – hence, the trip to Pathmark!

After I got a cart and went back in, I think I did a very good shopping.  Grabbed a lot of veggies by Green Giant that tell you the amount of WW points+, got some other staples for the freezer and pretty much stuck to my list with the exception of the Mallomars.

Now, don’t even get me started on how hard it was to get the baby and the groceries up the flight of stairs to my apartment!  Activity points, anyone?

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