Will this winter EVER end??

March 29, 2011

I just took a shower in preperation for bed time and had to slather half a bottle of body lotion on to calm my wintery dry skin.  It’s March 29th.  Shouldn’t “March” be acting a little less lioness and a bit more lamb-like at this point?  I never dreamt I’d still be wearing my winter coat and bundling up just to take Bamba for a walk on March 29th!  So I ask you, will this winter EVER end?

Isn’t it bad enough Snowpocalpse had us under mountains of dirty snow for over 2 months? Isn’t it bad enough, that the aforementioned snow kept me from wearing all my nice winter boots for fear of ruining them?  Isn’t it bad enough that I’ve been pregnant this whole time and haven’t been able to enoy one single Hot Totty?

Admittedly, I spent half of this winter cozy on the couch enjoying my new found food freedom (courtesy of Baby), and the other half dutifully cleaning out closets and re-organizing the apartment to make room for baby.  So I guess, the winter hasn’t been all that bad.  We can certainly say that we’ve accomplished something.  We started our major re-organization project in the kitchen which was probably the most difficult of all the rooms in the apartment because we had to start “living the life we live now”.  (Not the one we aspire to).  C’mon you know what I mean!  Oh, no?  You didn’t read last month’s “de-clutter” issue of O magazine?  Well, in that case, let me tell you: That bitch can sell anything.  Oprah sold me on throwing out stuff that I haven’t touched in a year and on “living the life I live now.” If you saw last week’s episode of “The Middle”, perhaps you get the idea.

In short, Oprah says, “Stop holding on to things that are not about who you are today.”  Things like (but not limited to): the treadmill you don’t use, the guitar you don’t play, the clothes you don’t wear, and the cooking stuff that just gathers dust while you order takeout.

Take a second and really think about the stuff (or shit, depends on your mood) that is taking up space in your home.  Mentally go through all the rooms, one by one, first the obvious ones, and then places like the closets, the garage, the storage unit, the storage unit you have at your mother’s house – all of it.  Can you identify at least 20% of crap you can safely say you have not touched or even thought about in the past year?  Throw it out, donate it to charity, leave it on your curb for someone else.  Just do it.  We did, and I have to say, I feel so much lighter and happier.  I wake up every morning with less clutter on my mind and in my heart.  It’s such a better to wake up and start your day, I promise.

Plus, you come to terms with who you are right now instead of always thinking about who we want to be. Let’s just be who we ARE and that will make us the happiest of all.

So, where did we net out?  Oreos are still in our cabinets, and healthy shakes have been thrown out.  But we also made space for all our lovely kitchen stuff that we’d like to use more often (if only we could remember where it is!).  Old clothes that don’t fit were donated and work out gear was safely stowed away for post-baby weight loss actitivities.  The shit in this apartment, is now a much better of picture of who Marie is today then it ever has been.  And knowing that, has made me calm and settled in a way I haven’t felt before.  Now that that’s outta the way, I can start thinking about the future.


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