July 9, 2010

Perfect little doll on my shelf

sweet as can be imagined

every inch of clay

delicately formed and delivered

to me like a birthday present

I want to unwrap you

every now and then

remove you from

protective covering

enjoy your delights

Take in your elegant costume

preen your collar and cuffs

sniff your aftershave

and wiggle your arms and legs

to make sure they still work

Twist you around

to make you dance with me

whisper secrets in your ear

Imagine all the lovely trinkets

you would give me

all the sugary compliments

Maybe even let you kiss me

a peck in the dark

Finally, I will tire

and want a new distraction

your delightful words and trinkets

no longer such a thrill

I will put you back

where you belong

your home, a hard shell

and firmly close the lid

slide you back onto the shelf

Don’t fret my friendly folly

someday I’ll return

to coax you out again

dust you off and let you

worship me

like you always wanted to.

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